BIOPHILIC DESIGN Let's get back to nature!

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic means ‘love of nature’. Biophilic Design looks at offering a solution to the impact man-made urban environments have on the human psyche. It aims to improve our quality of life by introducing elements of the natural world back into architecture to help us reconnect with nature.

What are the benefits of Biophilic Design?

Humans have an inherent association to nature, but the majority of people now spend more than 80% of their time indoors. By re-establishing these beneficial connections to the natural environment in our surroundings we can…

Promote general population well-being and reduce stress
Improve our emotional comfort and awareness
Promote better productivity in the workplace
Enhance learning aptitude in the classroom
Achieve enhanced shopping experiences in retail environments
Create a relaxed and soothing experience in hospitality.
Barker College Junior Prep School
WAVE BLADES tree in SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine in a pre-school's hub space.

How can SUPAWOOD Linings enhance your Biophilic theme?

SUPAWOOD offers a very diverse range of highly flexible products and finishes which can be customised to achieve an essential part of your Biophilic Design. With our Design, Supply and Install service to help you, you can achieve…

Naturalistic shapes and forms
Patterns and textures found in nature
Reproduced Images of nature
Natural finishes and materials
Floating features and screens
Integrated lighting and other services
Linings suitable for inside and out.
Undulating, twisting and curved effects.
SUPACOUSTIC leaf shaped panels.
Custom SUPACOUSTIC leaf shaped panels in SUPAFINISH Tasmanian Oak.

The effects are only limited by your imagination!

Our Biophilic suitable products include:


  • SUPALINE decorative panels are available in a huge range of natural timber look finishes, can be custom grooved and/or installed in a 3D effect.
  • MIMIC panels can be printed with virtually any supplied image.
  • SUPACOUSTIC acoustic panels and tiles, as well as our standard patterns, can be supplied in custom permutations to emulate almost any pattern you desire without effecting their acoustic properties. The panels themselves can made in any shape.
  • Our SUPATILE 3D acoustic and decorative ceiling tiles can be used to add dimensional ceiling effects.


  • Lightweight MAXI BEAM offers the flexibility to created chunky timber elements for walls, ceilings and screen in natural textured timber looks. They can also be custom contoured.
  • ALUCLICK aluminium beams allow you to create highly durable effects for both inside and out. Available in a range of woodgrains.
  • Multiple node junction details are available.
  • Due to their lightweight, both can be used for floating ceiling effects.
  • Acoustic options available.


  • SUPASLAT slatted panels can be used in endless ways to achieve natural timber effects.
  • DRIFTWOOD rustic slatted panels and ceiling tiles add a unique weathered timber effect.
  • SUPATILE SLAT slatted ceiling tiles make applying a slatted effect and accessibility easy by using a T-bar ceiling grid.
  • Acoustic options available.


  • WAVE BLADES timber blades or fins can be use in endless ways on ceilings and walls. Achieve amazing natural effects such as flowing water and branching trees.
  • WAFFLE BLADES allow you to apply geometric effects with ease.
  • Both products are available in a huge rand of finishes included textured timber laminates.
  • Acoustic options available.


Biophilic Design can be further enhanced by using natural finishes on surfaces, especially if textured. Recent studies have revealed that the use of wood in interiors creates a calming environment on entry or to work in, learn and communicate. By adding textured to these surfaces the tactile senses are provoked.

Woodgrain textured finishes are possible across the SUPAWOOD range of panels, beams, slats and fins, even if the substrate is aluminium. These finishes include:

Watch our video to find out about the advantages of choosing SUPAMETAL Textured Woodgrains rather than Non-textured woodgrains on our aluminium non-combustible products.

DRIFTWOOD hand etched weathered-look solid slats.
DRIFTWOOD hand etched weathered-look solid slats.
SUPASURFACE V-Series Textured Laminate for MDF.
SUPASURFACE V-Series Textured Laminate for MDF.
SUPALAMI Rustic Laminates for MDF.
SUPALAMI Rustic Laminates for MDF.

SUPAWOOD also have a large range of smooth timber laminates and natural timber veneers to choose from. With our MIMIC seamless wall and ceiling panel option you can reproduce virtually any natural surface you desire.

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