From $70 per square metre supply only.

When you’re on a budget but want it all…

If you’re looking for great style and value, SUPAWOOD Budget Saving Range has a variety of lining solutions to suit. The range features cost-saving options on our most popular wall and ceiling systems and is ideal for retail, restaurant, home and office applications.

From slats, blades and beams to panels and drop-in tiles, now you can get the quality SUPAWOOD linings you’ve come to trust at a great low price!

Budget Saving Range at a glance 

All products between $70 and $175 per m2 (ex GST and freight).
Standard and custom sizes.
Concealed fixing options.
Acoustic options.
Fire group options.
Wide range of finishes.
Short lead time solutions.
Easy to specify and install.
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Design Flexible Modular Slat System - Versatile linear slatted timber panels.

|  Slats with black cross battens only   |  190mm wide   |   50mm gap   |    SUPAFINISH veneer and coloured laminates.


The Rustic Timber Lining - Etched natural solid timber which creates a unique, weathered effect.

|  90mm wide loose slats   |  190mm   |   40mm gap   |    Nail fixing recommended   |    Choice of 5 colours.   


Wave Blades

Rectangular Features - Create unique blade ceilings, walls and screens.

|  290mm deep rectangular blades @ 400 centres  |  Includes matching edges  |   SUPAFINISH veneer and coloured laminates.


Maxi Beam

Lightweight Beam System - The elegance of heavy duty timber beams without the hassle of working with solid timber.

|  195mm beam depth @ 300 centres  |  295mm beam depth @ 450 centres  SUPALAMI laminate finishes


Supacoustic Panels

Adaptable Acoustic Panels - Decorative acoustic panelling offering superior noise control.

| Includes integrated acoustic textile | Raw MDF edges SUPAFINISH veneer and coloured laminates.

Supacoustic NCK Fixing

Floating Panel System - Floating modular noise control kits.

| Available in low, medium and floating kits | Includes integrated acoustic textile | Includes matching edges

SUPAFINISH veneer and coloured laminates.


Supacoustic DIT Acoustic

Acoustic Drop-in Tiles - Accessible drop-in ceiling tiles that
are decorative and quick to install.

Includes matching edges  SUPAFINISH veneer and coloured laminates.


Supaline Solid Panels

Decorative Panel System - Premium feature decorative panels for walls and ceilings.

|  Raw MDF edges  |   SUPAFINISH veneer and coloured laminates.

Available with decal fixing or concealed fixing and edges for walls. Price varies per fixing option.


Supatile DIT Solid

Solid Drop-in Tiles - Accessible drop-in ceiling tiles that are decorative and quick to install.

|   SUPAFINISH veneer and coloured laminates.

MIMIC (Seamless Panels)

Mimic Seamless Panels

Seamless Wall + Ceiling Panels - Eye-catching textured looks.

Available in 4 standard textured finishes - Warm Slats, Off-form Concrete, Rustic Timber and Rugged Concrete.

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