FAQ New Zealand

Q1. What will the pricing be in NZD?
A1. We recommend multiplying our budget pricing in AUD by 1.1 for budget purposes.

Q2. What allowance should be added for delivery to site?
A2.  For sea freight, add 10% to our budget pricing. For air freight, add 20% to our budget pricing.

Q3. How long are your lead times?
A3. Lead times on standard products are 2-5 weeks, plus one week for air freight or two weeks for sea freight.

Q4. Are your panels tested to New Zealand fire standards?
A4. We have a number of New Zealand fire test certificates. SEE HERE. More will be added shortly.
Note that fire test certificates are only required if fire groups 1- S, 1, 2-S and 2 are applicable.

Q5. Are your panel systems compatible with New Zealand seismic codes?
A5. Most of our panels systems can be screw fixed to normal seismic approved framing, such as Rondo ceiling systems.

Q6. Who can install Supawood panel systems in New Zealand?
A6.  Supawood’s panel systems have been designed to be installed by any ceilings and partitions contractor or by a carpenter.  Supawood also can supply a list of recommended installers for major centres in New Zealand.

Q7. Do I pay GST on Supawood products?
A7.  GST is not charged by the Australian government, but it is charged by the New Zealand government in the normal way when goods arrive into New Zealand.

Q8. Does Supawood have representation in New Zealand?
A8.  Supawood has a Specifications Manager that visits New Zealand on a regular basis and on request.  In addition, we have an Auckland-based representative for site support.

Most questions can be answered quickly and effectively by our ready team of customer care consultants and project managers at our Head Office in Bathurst NSW Australia. Our people are conversant with servicing the whole of Australia and beyond remotely. To CONTACT US go here >>>

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