Do you supply decorative RHS?

We supply these as slatted panels for decorative use only. They are pre-attached into panels with cross battens.

We can supply RHS in loose lengths however we do not have any fixing systems or details to offer with this and are generally not as competitive as other companies who do this kind of loose length work.

Who can install? Do you need to be certified?

Any partitions installer can install our products with ease, as most commonly they fix to standard partitions and linings framing. We also supply fixing instructions and with most projects we also supply layout shop drawings. Also the installing party can contact directly the Project manager from Supawood who has been the contact for the installer since placing the order and they can discuss the details or any concerns that they may have at the time.

Do you have stock available?

No we don’t keep stock of any product as they are all made to order however we have the availability to reduce our standard lead times for almost all products and finishes, so ensure that you discuss these options and details with your sales consultant at the time before placing an order.

Is it an off the shelf product?

Supawood do not source or sell any of the shelf products. Every project is made especially to order. See response for “Do we have stock available?”

Do you have a showroom? Where?

No we do not. We are able to supply you with a range of samples sent directly to you and we can also look through our completed projects list and advise of jobs that are similar to yours that you can observe if they have public access.

Who is my local rep?

All our sales consultants can speak with you over the phone or email for any location however if you do wish to have a face to face visit we have our nation specifications manager Richard who can be booked for such meetings or for video conferences (keeping in mind Covid restrictions)

What fire group number do I need?

Group numbers, also known as fire Group Numbers, are a requirement of the BCA/NCC 2019, for all internal linings of commercial buildings in Australia. Read more about the requirements here: https://www.supawood.com.au/news/what-fire-group-number-do-i-need/ and contact our team if you require any further assistance applying this to your own project: www.supawood.com.au/contact/

Is Supawood expensive?

Our quotes can have a higher dollar value than most of our competitors, however, considering what is included, it is arguable that Supawood isn’t more ‘expensive’. To read more about what our services include, factoring also the cost of risk and quality, view our blog: https://www.supawood.com.au/news/is-supawood-too-expensive/

Which lining products are compliant?

Since May 2019, the revised test standard for NCC 2019, C1.10, regarding the fire rating on internal linings or materials, has been confusing many. Read an extended answer to this question in our blog here: https://www.supawood.com.au/news/which-lining-products-are-compliant/

Do Supawood install?

Supawood don’t offer install, however we do have an extensive range of recommended and experienced installers. Their experience is based on successfully delivered Supawood project Australia wide. Read more here: https://www.supawood.com.au/news/do-supawood-install/

Is Supawood Australian made?

Supawood is a privately owned company, and manufactures all products, for all projects, in Bathurst NSW, Australia. Watch the video to further answer your questions: https://www.supawood.com.au/news/is-supawood-australian-made/

What is considered a non-combustible wall?

Non-combustible materials are defined by the BCA as products that are not deemed combustible as determined by AS 1530.1 – Combustibility Tests for Materials. Read an extended explanation on these standards here: https://www.supawood.com.au/news/what-is-considered-a-non-combustible-wall/

How long should I allow for feature linings?

Considering factors such as materials included, size of project, project type, project compliance needs and fire requirements, the answer to this question varies. Considering and keeping in mind that these factors can sway the answer, around 2-6 weeks should be allowed for a typical Supawood product system. Read a more detailed explanation here: https://www.supawood.com.au/news/how-long-should-i-allow-for-my-feature-linings/

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