Random Profile SUPASLAT Slatted Acoustic Panels Address Noice Reverberation In Foyer

Random Profile SUPASLAT Slatted Acoustic Panels Address Noice Reverberation In Foyer

Allegra Apartments, Southport QLD

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   8th, August 2018

Allegra Apartments detail of SUPASLAT random slats on wall and ceiling

HHH Architects achieve pure luxury with a slatted timber feature

SUPAWOOD slatted panels form a dominant feature in the lavish entry lounge of the Allegra Apartments in Southport on the Gold Coast QLD.

The designers, Hamilton Hayes Henderson Architects (HHH Architects), wanted to achieve a warm sculptured timber curved wall which wrapped under to the lower ceiling area leading to the lifts. They needed a versatile but easy to install slatted product which could be customised to achieve this effect.

SUPAWOOD adaptable SUPASLAT panel system offered the flexibility and finish they desired.

The entry of the Allegra speaks pure luxury with its lush furnishings and fittings. The lounge area boasts a high ceiling, but moving further into the reception desk and the lifts, the ceiling has been lowered to draw you in. Utilities such as air-conditioning flues are concealed within the lower ceiling, and air vents have been integrated into the face of the high wall.


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To make a feature of the curved wall on the face of this area and the lowered ceiling, SUPASLAT panels in an interesting random slat profile have been used. The slats have been mounted on a black backing board to further exaggerate the different slat widths.

Finished in a SUPAVENEER Milano Walnut natural timber veneer, this feature has achieved a rich timber look. The colour chosen for the timber slats also compliments the copper finish above the lifts and on the lift doors. Combined with the other elements of the décor, the application of the SUPASLAT panels works perfectly to make this entry pure luxury.

‘Looks great and easy to install’ – Ed Lightbody, Hamilton Hayes Henderson Architects.

Project:  Allegra Apartments

Address:  139 Scarborough St, Southport QLD

Product:  SUPASLAT custom random slat configuration. For more information go here>>>

Finish:  SUPAVENEER Milano Walnut natural timber veneer on black solid backing board. For more information go here>>>

Architect:  Hamilton Hayes Henderson Architects

Builder:  Kyronn (Previously Gavin Boyle Constuctions)

Installers:  Mitana Constructions

Photography:  Manson Images

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