SUPACOUSTIC Acoustic and SUPALINE Decorative Panels A Durable Choice for School’s Multipurpose Hall

SUPACOUSTIC Acoustic and SUPALINE Decorative Panels A Durable Choice for School’s Multipurpose Hall

Barker College Junior, Hornsby NSW

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   8th, April 2018

PMDL utilise Design & Construct service for school hall

SUPAWOOD’s acoustic and solid decorative panels have been used extensively throughout the multipurpose hall at Barker College junior school in Hornsby NSW.

The architects, PMDL, wanted to achieve a warm durable timber finish to complement the character of the rest of the campus while addressing noise reverberation on a tight budget. They looked for a company who could supply suitable matching products to address acoustics and who would provide advice throughout the duration of the project.

SUPAWOOD met the criteria perfectly as they offered a full Design & Construct service and worked closely with the architects, builder and the client throughout the project to achieve the desired design intent.


See your project vision come to life!

Barker College is one of Sydney’s oldest prestige schools, and the expansion of the junior school involved an extension to an existing building to include a multipurpose hall with a theatrical stage and other related facilities.

SUPAWOOD advised on the best lining systems which could be supplied as a complete system and matched across products, allowing flexibility in the design within the desired budget.

The vast ceiling of the hall has been finished with SUPACOUSTIC PLK Fixing panel lining kits in a Zebra acoustic pattern. A SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine concept veneer ensures that the ceiling is virtually maintenance free. The flexibility of this product has allowed lighting to be incorporated between the panelling. PLK Fixing is specifically designed to be installed over large areas and is supplied as a complete kit for easy installation.

The walls of the hall are lined with a smooth decorative SUPALINE with a concealed fixing system and finished in Hoop Pine natural timber veneer. In the entry portals, aluminium mitred corner inserts have been added for longevity and durability.

This project highlights how SUPAWOOD’s Design & Construct service can help the design team and builder achieve the client’s design brief and bring the project to completion within their desired budget.

Project:  Barker College Junior School Hall

Address:  7 College Crescent, Hornsby NSW


Ceiling - SUPACOUSTIC PLK Fixing in Zebra pattern SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine. For more information about SUPACOUSTIC PLK Fixing go here>>>

Walls - SUPALINE in SUPAVENEER NTV Hoop Pine concealed fixed panels including entry portal with aluminium mitred corner inserts. For more information about SUPALINE go here>>>

For more information about our Finishes go here>>>

Architect: PMDL

Builder: Prime Construction

Photographer: Brett Boardman


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