SUPATILE SLAT DRIFTWOOD Rustic Slatted Ceiling Tiles Used in Contemporary Workplace

SUPATILE SLAT DRIFTWOOD Rustic Slatted Ceiling Tiles Used in Contemporary Workplace

BT Finance, Perth

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018

BT Finance's contemporary design fit-out enhanced with the warmth of weathered timber

The refurbishment of BT Finance’s Perth workspace is a perfect example of how the unique weathered timber effect of Supatile Slat Driftwood brings warmth and character to a contemporary interior design and allows full access to services above the ceiling.

Geyer have used Supatile Slat Driftwood to transform the existing BT Finance Perth workplace into a modern open environment to compliment the current BT brand’s business. The new fit-out is designed over several levels to maximise views and natural light while forming spaces for the staff to increase cooperative interaction with each other and their clients.

In many of these areas, Supatile Slat Lift and Shift panels in clear Vic Ash Driftwood finish have been place as features in the ceiling to give a directional feel and visually define areas of the open plan without having to use walls. For example, the openness of the work spaces which utilise benched workstations rather than cubicles have the shared areas defined by slatted panels on the ceiling above them.

By using a ceiling tile system that simply lifts out when needed, the designers have been able to maintain full access to every part of the ceiling cavity and integrate services such as lighting effectively.

Supatile Slat Lift and Shift, but this time in a Black Driftwood finish, has also been used in the large reception zone which has the capacity to provide a large breakout space through the strategic location of the reception desk and flexible seating solutions. Here the slatted panels compliment the reception desk and spiralling staircase and have also been installed with integrated lighting and other services.

The slatted ceiling in the reception area is cleverly positioned in such a way the direction of the slats lead you to the reception desk. The panels are then continued through into the corridor which leads off this area to a series of client meeting rooms. The dark colours used on the ceiling contrasts against the light marble tiles of the floor but gives warmth to the openness of the space which is richly lit by large windows displaying a panoramic city view.

This attractive fit-out, although minimalistic is richly enhanced by the use of Supatile Slat Driftwood. Simple and functional but very sophisticated.

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