Lightweight MAXI BEAM Feature Ceiling Beams Defines Areas of University Reception

Lightweight MAXI BEAM Feature Ceiling Beams Defines Areas of University Reception

Charles Stewart House UK

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   7th, April 2018

Maxi Beams make big statement in reception area

The welcoming reception area of the recently refurbished Charles Stewart House at the University of Edinburgh is dominated by a striking curved ceiling feature created with bespoke SUPAWOOD lightweight MAXI BEAM.

The design intent included the creation of a dramatic beam raft with a stunning 550mm tall curved frontage. This called for an adaptable beam system which could also incorporate lighting. SUPAWOOD UK recommended to the designers Maxi Beam for its light weight and ability to achieve the design intent.


It was essential that the designers respect the heritage listing of this 1875 circa building while bringing its functionality into the future. Because Maxi Beam is so lightweight and supplied prefinished as specified, it provides unparalleled artistic scope for the creation and speedy installation of unique beam features on existing ceilings without the need for a complicated structure.


See your project vision come to life!

The supply of the exact bespoke lengths in this project allowed for the construction of the flowing curve dropped raft, and with no on-site cutting or finishing necessary, installation was a breeze. This curvature is also utilised by the ‘RECEPTION’ lettering positioned on the end of the beams, the power to the letters being routed through integral conduits within the beams.

This important and historic building houses the finance department, so the entrance space had to define the prestigious identity of the university. The natural timber finish on the beams ties in perfectly with the woodland feature wall and earthy colours used. The beams draw your attention towards the bright and contemporary reception desk and extend out into a seating area that is now both a relaxing space and visually interesting for visitors to enjoy while they wait.

Project: Charles Stewart House

Address: University of Edinburgh, 9-16 Chambers St, Edinburgh UK

Products: MAXI BEAM. For more information go here >>>


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