SUPACOUSTIC Acoustic Panels Improve Acoustics in Refurbishment of School Theatre

SUPACOUSTIC Acoustic Panels Improve Acoustics in Refurbishment of School Theatre

Chevalier College Performing Arts Centre, Burradoo NSW

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   7th, May 2019

Chervalier College Performing Arts Centre

JDH Architects’ creative wall lining design improves theatre acoustics

SUPAWOOD’s SUPACOUSTIC panels form a decorative and acoustical improvement in the re-imagining of the 1973 Performing Arts Centre at Chevalier College in Burradoo near Bowral NSW.

The designers, JDH Architects, were briefed to refurbish the college’s Performing Arts Centre to deliver a state-of-the-art building on par with regional performing arts centres. They also wanted to provide more space and greater acoustic values to reflect the calibre of talent within the school.

SUPAWOOD acoustic linings where chosen for their proven record of achieving superior adaptable interiors with exceptional acoustic qualities. As our acoustic engineer Michael Phillips explains...

The multi-purpose theatre is used for a variety of speech, performance and musical applications and therefore requires a versatile acoustical design without specific bias.

The acoustic specification written by Matthew Ottley of Marshall Day Acoustics focused on supporting clarity and speech intelligibility and controlling reverberation time. This was achieved through creating surfaces that support early reflections and control late reflections through the use of absorptive and diffusive paneling.

In support of the specification, SUPACOUSTIC timber walls provided a unique hybrid technology. The flat panels offer reflections, with custom perforated saw-tooth panels offering both an absorptive and diffuse surface in the one panel.

The manner in which the panels have been applied along with a finish of SUPAFINISH Tasmanian Oak laminate in a FR option, has also lifted the aesthetics of the interior and brought it into the 21st century.


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In additional to the theatre interior, SUPAWOOD also supplied MAXI BEAM lightweight beams for the entry foyer. Here the beams have been positioned to run around the curve of the main entry and then run across the entire ceiling. The beams are finished in a SUPAFINISH Tasmanian Oak laminate in a FR option and compliment the interior of the theatre while giving strength and warmth to the entry.

Both the acoustic panels and the beams in this project show just how creative you can be with SUPAWOOD’s adaptable products while addressing functionality.

Project: Chevalier College

Address:  11 Charlotte Street, Burradoo NSW


Theatre - SUPACOUSTIC SP1 perforated and SUPALINE wall panels in SUPAFINISH Tasmanian Oak laminate.
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Entry foyer - MAXI BEAM ceiling beams in SUPAFINISH Tasmanian Oak laminate.
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Architect:  JDH Architects

Builder:  Grindley Construction

Acoustic Consultants: Marshall Day Acoustics

Photography:   Brett Boardman

Chevalier College - side wall of the theatre detail

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