Emanuel Synagogue, Woollahra, NSW

CREATIV blends tradition and modern design at Emanuel Synagogue

Emanuel Synagogue in Woollahra, NSW, is not only a place of worship; it is a community hub for various celebratory events. This sacred space has been thoughtfully designed to cater to multiple purposes, ensuring that it serves both spiritual and social functions seamlessly.

The interior design of the synagogue features SUPAWOOD Supaline panels in natural timber SUPAVENEER. These panels are more than aesthetically pleasing; they are infused with Hebrew phrases that are thoughtfully translated into English. This approach enriches the spiritual experience by making the sacred texts accessible to a broader audience.

Fusing the text into the timber panels was achieved by using CREATIV by SUPAWOOD.  By using the CREATIV process on this project, SUPAWOOD was able to achieve the extremely fine detail of the two language scripts that were integral to the overall design concept. The choice of SUPAVENEER Plantation Oak on the timber panels also added additional warmth to the large space whilst SUPACOUSTIC panels were included to control noise reverberation.



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The architectural design by Lippmann Partnership Architects skillfully integrates modern elements with traditional aesthetics. Steel beams also run through the interior, creating a striking contrast to the natural-look wooden panels. This blend of materials not only adds to the visual appeal but also contributes to the structural appeal of the interior of the building.

Emanuel Synagogue in Woollahra stands as a landmark building that exemplifies architectural ingenuity and community spirit. Whether it's for a prayer or a celebration, the space adapts to the needs of its congregation.


Project: Emanuel Synagogue 

Address: 6 Woods Avenue, Woollahra, NSW  

Products: SUPACOUSTIC and SUPALINE panels in SUPAVENEER Plantation Oak.

Designer: Lippmann Partnership Architects

Builder: Belmadar

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