SUPALINE Decorative and SUPACOUSTIC Slotted Acoustic Panels Create Visual Impact for Commercial Foyer

SUPALINE Decorative and SUPACOUSTIC Slotted Acoustic Panels Create Visual Impact for Commercial Foyer

Equinix SY4 Data Centre, Alexandria NSW

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018

Red is Green for hi-tech data centre by Greenbox

SUPAWOOD’S acoustic and decorative panels create a dominant feature in the entry of one of Australia’s largest Data Centre at Alexandria, NSW.

The designers, Greenbox Architects, were engaged to turn a massive existing warehouse into a high-tech state of the art facility. The project has been designed and delivered to achieve a US Green Council Gold LEED rating. The client expected strict compliance with design and construction guidelines as part of their global image as well as an extremely quick turnaround.

SUPACOUSTIC and SUPALINE panelling from SUPAWOOD was chosen for the entry foyer because the products not only met all the client’s environmental and performance criteria, but made the perfect visual impact possible.



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SUPALINE curved and flat decorative panels in SUPACOLOUR high gloss red form the dramatic impact statement in the entry and reflect the client’s branding.

SUPACOUSTIC and SUPALINE panelling in SUPACOLOUR white to help reflect light has been chosen for the walls in the foyer. A V-slot acoustic pattern has been used to dull noise reverberation in the high open space while adding texture to broad expanses of wall.

In both areas the finishes used are extremely durable and highly impact resistant.

Sustainability of the products use in this refurbishment was mandatory and all the paneling supplied was made from material that was FSC® certified timber, low VOC and EO low formaldehyde.

Supplier reliability was essential for the project to stay on track and meet the tight schedule demanded by the client. Supawood were recognized for not only the quality of their products, but for always meeting tight lead times.

The happy installer said…
'Thanks, we were happy with the install. It looks very good and the client is happy so it is a good result for all of us. You made a great job of cutting the panels to take the curve, it made it very easy for us and we were delighted with how fast you got the extra red panels out to us, thank you very much for that.'
Michael Kilroy - Director, AKM Projects

Project: Entry foyer of Equinix SY4 Data Centre

Address: Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW

Products/Finishes: Walls: SUPACOUSTIC V-slot slotted acoustic and SUPALINE panels in SUPACOLOUR white. Features: SUPALINE curved and flat panels in SUPACOLOUR high gloss red.

Architect: Greenbox Architects

Builder: John Holland

Installer: AKM Projects

Photos: Courtesy of Equinix


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