Unique use of customised decorative and slatted panels used in school theatre

Glasshouse Christian College Performing Arts Centre, Beerwah QLD

A unique use of customised SUPALINE decorative and SUPASLAT slatted panels have been used throughout the state-of-the-art performing arts theatre at the Glasshouse Christian College in Beerwah QLD.

The designers, Fulton Trotter Architects, were briefed to create a flexible space suitable for all facets of the performing arts at a size that would seat 600. This meant that excellent acoustics was a must throughout the entire space. The brief also called for the design elements to reflect the forest and mountain environments the school is set in while all materials chosen had to meet strict BCA requirements for school buildings.

Having worked with SUPAWOOD on many successful projects, the designers approached SUPAWOOD for the lining solutions required. From there, SUPAWOOD provided advice on the best lining products and finishes to specify, and were able to customise these to achieve the expectations of the lining concept and supply the linings in options that met the strict building regulations required.

The school is surrounded by the Beerwah State Forrest and the Glass House Mountains. The design called for the use of warm timber finishes throughout to reflect the forest environment so SUPAFINISH Tasmanian Oak laminate was chosen. This finish is VOC free and, when applied to a substrate of FR MDF, capable of meeting a Fire Group 1 rating in both panels and slats.

On the broad raked ceiling of the theatre, both floating SUPALINE solid and SUPASLAT slated rectangular have been applied against a black backdrop. The solid panels are used to hide the suspended catwalks above with the theatre lighting and other equipment placed between these for easy control access. The slatted panels are used where there is only an area of ceiling above like over the higher wings of the seating. All these ceiling panels break up the surface of the space above to eliminate noise reverberation and improve acoustics within the space.

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The highlight of the theatre design is on the walls and achieved by using custom shaped SUPALINE panels to form the abstracted patterns of the a mountain panorama. The panels were supplied cut to shape and put together onsite like giant jigsaw puzzles, made easy of course by SUPAWOOD’s careful labelling and packing. More matching panels line the balustrades at the front of the dress circle seating.

SUPAWOOD provided detailed shop drawings and worked closely with all involved throughout the project to ensure that the panel were delivered on time as needed and the install went smoothly and exactly to plan.

This project shows you how versatile SUPAWOOD products are and how they can be used creatively to achieve exactly what you imagined while conforming to the standards required for strict building standards.

Project: Glasshouse Christian College Performing Arts Centre Hall

Address: 58 Roberts Road, Beerwah QLD


Theatre Feature Walls - Custom SUPALINE Panels shaped to replicate Glasshouse mountain and on balustrades in SUPAFINISH Tasmanian Oak laminate on a substrate of FR MDF to meet Fire Group 1.

Theatre Raked Ceiling - floating ceiling SUPALINE panels hiding the catwalks overhead in SUPAFINISH Tasmanian Oak laminate on a substrate of FR MDF to meet Fire Group 1.

Theatre Raked Ceiling - floating ceiling SUPASLAT profile 3 slatted panels above the upper wing seating in SUPAFINISH Tasmanian Oak laminate on a substrate of FR MDF to meet Fire Group 1.

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Architect: Fulton Trotter Architects

Builder: Herron Coorey Building Contractors

Installer: FCL Interiors Pty Ltd

Photography: John Hay Photography

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