WAVE BLADES Ceiling Features and Decorative Screens Define Areas of Student Hub

WAVE BLADES Ceiling Features and Decorative Screens Define Areas of Student Hub

Macquarie University International College, North Ryde NSW

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   4th, June 2019

Gardner Wetherill’s homely spaces for international students

SUPAWOOD’s WAVE BLADES, SUPASLAT and MAXI BEAM lining products form stunning features throughout key areas of the Macquarie University International College (MUIC) in NSW.

Gardner Wetherill Associates were given a brief by the university to revitalize 10 Macquarie Walk into a state-of-the-art learning centre for international students. The objective was to design a homely and welcoming environment where international students could feel at ease, confidently study and find support when needed.

To create the dynamic learning space, a combination of matching lining products was needed to define areas and to add visual interest. The designers approached SUPAWOOD, whose adaptable lining products are customisable and can be mixed and matched perfectly.

Independent Learning Centre (ILC)

The flexible ‘Independent Learning Centre’ (ILC) is structured to greet and nurture students. Here, the designers have used WAVE BLADE ceiling and wall features to define areas.

WAVE BLADES at Macquarie Uni International College


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A large, oval custom blade ceiling with integrated lighting dominates the reading area. The space below is divided by a line of bookcases softened with blade-shaped tops and sides with grooved edging.

Off to the side, sweeping blades flow across the ceiling and down a glazed wall to form a small meeting room and reception area. Matching SUPASLAT slats have been placed on the other side of the glazed wall to correspond with the blades. This gives the illusion of the blades extending through the glass and into the hallway beyond. The outer edges of the blades and slats have been finished in several colours to create further interest.

WAVE BLADES in the smaller areas are at 150mm centres while the reading area ceiling feature is at 200mm centres.

Students Hub

The Students Hub is an area for students to mix with others and relax. Leading into this area, vertical slats with colourful painted edges break up the surface of the curved wall.

Along one wall, a lounge area has been made more intimate by lowering the ceiling with custom sculpted WAVE BLADES. The timber blades have been suspended under the black ceiling and shaped to hide bulkheads above.

Circulation Area

In one of the circulation areas, a simple sculptural form created with 150 x 50 MAXI BEAMS is reminiscent of a stylised tree. This reaches up to the second level of the interior to give a sense of direction and to add interest to what otherwise is a stark area.

The products have been matched throughout these areas with a SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine laminate to ensure durability and longevity. All products are fire retardant and low in VOC emissions.

This project shows the uniqueness and versatility of SUPAWOOD products and how they can be mixed and matched to integrate into one whole concept.

Award:  2019 - Winner - Best Learning Environments Australasia NSW Chapter Awards.

Project:  Macquarie University International College (MUIC)

Address: 10 Macquarie Walk, North Ryde NSW

Independent Learning Centre: WAVE BLADES. Smaller areas at 150mm centres while the reading area ceiling feature is at 200mm centres. SUPASLAT on other side of glass wall in adjacent corridor.
Students' Hub: WAVE BLADES on ceilings as 150 centres and SUPASLAT wall in corridor leading into the hub.
For more information about WAVE BLADES go here>>> 
For more information about SUPASLAT go here>>>
Staircase circulation area: MAXI BEAM. For more information about MAXI BEAM go here>>>

Finish:  SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine laminate (in all areas). For information about our Finishes go here>>>

Maxi Beam stylised tree at the stairs in the Macquarie Uni International College.

Designer: Gardner Wetherill Associates  |  Builder: Prime Projects NSW  |  Photography:  John McRae

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