Eye-catching used of criss cross beams to define seating areas of a food court

Macquarie Shopping Centre, Macquarie Park NSW

Eye-catching used of criss cross beams to define seating areas of a food court

Posted By: Colin Beattie   19th, April 2022

An eye-catching use of SUPAWOOD’s criss-cross beams has been applied to areas of the ceilings in the refurbishment of the food court at the Macquarie Shopping Centre in Macquarie Park NSW.

The designers, Collectivus, wanted to define areas of the ceiling above the seating areas by using decorative chunky timber beams in a criss cross pattern. However, they were restricted by the restraints of the budget as heavy timber beams would require expensive reinforcing of the ceiling. They also needed to address acoustics, BCA regulations and the logistics/installation within a live site.

They approached SUPAWOOD for advice and were pleased to discover that our MAXI BEAM lightweight beams could be supplied in criss cross configurations adapted to suit their design. Additionally, because the beams are so lightweight, the choice of this product would also provide the perfect solution to avoiding expensive reinforcement of the existing ceiling, they could easily integrate services, address acoustics plus the beams could be supplied in a Fire Group 2 rating in VOC free finishes.

Above the main open seating area in the food court a vast pergola of dark criss cross beams defines the area. These are finished in a dark blue solid colour to contrast against the white perforated acoustic panels on the ceiling above them. The perforated panels address acoustics within this space. Lighting and other service have been integrated into the ceiling between the beams.

A smaller and more intimate area along one wall of the food court is defined and made welcoming with a configuration of laminated timber look criss cross beams. The natural looking timber adding warmth to the space. Again, lighting and other services have been integrated throughout the configuration.

Throughout this project SUPAWOOD worked closely with all stakeholders to ensure the product was supplied and installed as the brief specified and on time. Beams were supplied to length and mitred as required so there would be minimal onsite cutting and the install could proceed as smoothly as possible with as little disruption as possible in the live environment.

This project is a perfect example of how MAXI BEAM in a criss cross beam configuration can be used to enhance any area while meeting the design restraints within a project budget.

Project: Macquarie Shopping Centre, food court upgrade

Address: Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park NSW


Area 1 - Criss Cross Beam profile 1 in SUPACOLOUR Dulux Boatswain S41F9 solid colour.

Area 2 - Criss Cross Beam profile 1 in SUPAFINISH Blackbutt concept veneer laminate.

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Interior Design: Collectivus

Builder: Unita

Installer: Interpro Lining

Photos: Courtesy of Unita


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