MAXI BEAM and SUPACOUSTIC perforated at Melbourne Square Tower 1

Criss-cross MAXI BEAM with SUPACOUSTIC acoustic panel infill for reception lobby

Melbourne Square Tower 1, Southbank, Melbourne VIC

MAXI BEAM and SUPACOUSTIC perforated at Melbourne Square Tower 1

Above: The ceiling edge forms a shapped upstand.

Below: The ceiling flows around structural pillars.

MAXI BEAM and SUPACOUSTIC perforated at Melbourne Square Tower 1

Complex ceiling design achieved for residential inner-city tower

A dynamic complex combination of MAXI BEAM lightweight beams and SUPACOUSTIC acoustic panels has been used throughout the lobbies at Melbourne Square Tower 1, located in the heart of Southbank.

To complete the desired interior elements, the designers looked for timber products that could be matched perfectly, provide suitable acoustics for the space, while meeting BCA compliance for this type of project.

SUPAWOOD products met all these requirements plus more. In addition, SUPAWOOD were able to offer a comprehensive service from design to supply to install ensuring all went to plan and was delivered on time.

Maxi Beam mitred joints.

Above: The beams were custom mitred precisely to suit.

The ceiling of the main lobby to the residential floors above has been lined with a criss-cross of lightweight MAXI BEAM. These were supplied custom mitred precisely to suit the complex design, with up to six unique mitre cuts per beam, and are finished in a custom SUPAVENEER of TrueGrain Cinder natural timber veneer. By using MAXI BEAM there was no need to allow additional strengthening of the ceiling above.

An infill of matching SUPACOUSTIC perforated panels has been applied between the beams. The panels have all been individually custom shaped to also suit the complex design. The acoustic panels address noise reverberation in the space.

The ceiling has been cleverly flowed around structural pillars and has had services integrated into it. To complete the whole, the beams and panels sit neatly into a shaped upstand edge with matching panels. All products used are low VOC and made from fully sustainable timber.

To put this ceiling together it was like a huge jigsaw puzzle, so detailed drawings were supplied, and the different sections marked and packed by area for easy identification in the installation sequence onsite. Additional to the main foyers, similar ceiling configurations have been repeated in other lobby areas further up in 70-floor tower.

This project marks the completion of the first stage of a new mixed-use urban precinct in the heart of Melbourne. The timber ceiling linings along with a blend of other natural materials come together to form an atmosphere echoing the natural surroundings of the building while also achieving a stunning contemporary look.

Project:  Melbourne Square Tower 1

Address:  93-119 Kavanagh Street, Southbank VIC

Products:  MAXI BEAM 295 x 50mm custom mitred. SUPACOUSTIC acoustic panels in SP2 peroration pattern shaped to suit.
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Finishes: Ground floor lobby - custom SUPAVENEER TrueGrain Cinder NTV. Upper level lobby – custom SUPAVENEER Elton Group Mink NTV. For more information about our Finishes go here >

Architect:  Car Design and Cox Architecture

Builder:  Multiplex Melbourne

Installer:  Arc Plastering

Photography:  Daniel Fuge Photography (and Supawood staff member)

MAXI BEAM and SUPACOUSTIC perforated at Melbourne Square Tower 1

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