SUPASLAT Slatted Timber Ceiling Panels in Complex Design for Foodcourt

SUPASLAT Slatted Timber Ceiling Panels in Complex Design for Foodcourt

MLC Center Food Court, Sydney NSW

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018

Undulating slatted timber ceiling a warm and welcoming feature

As part of the multi-million dollar redevelopment of one of Sydney’s most iconic commercial towers, an extensive SUPAWOOD SUPASLAT slatted timber ceiling has been installed throughout the new Food Court.

Opened in 1977, the original concept for the MLC Centre as envisaged by its designer Harry Seidler was to create a vibrant ‘city within a city’ but until now this had never been fully realised. Once completed this redevelopment will now finally see 80% of the site activated and the various levels of plazas, food court and outdoor cafes opened up onto surrounding streets.

SUPAWOOD’S SUPASLAT slatted timber ceiling panels are one of the few slatted products with green options which can achieve a curved and twisted linear effect, the slats not only curving but twisting in both directions. To ensure all went smoothly, SUPAWOOD supported the whole process by producing prototypes and working closely with both the project manager and the installers.

MLC Foodcourt ceiing


See your project vision come to life!

1200m2 of SUPASLAT panels were supplied pre-finished to shape for ease of installation. The SUPAVENEER Blackbutt natural timber veneer panels were polished in a low VOC finish on an E1 low formaldehyde MR-MDF substrate to increase the project’s potential for a high Green Star rating.

The Food Court on level 6 of the MLC Centre is now the hub of this revitalised community, a place where people gather for both business and pleasure. The soft-rolling Blackbutt slatted ceiling dominates throughout this level of the shopping plaza and makes walking into the venue a warm and welcoming experience. This stunning ceiling will remain a key highlight of this redevelopment well into the future.

Project: MLC Centre refurbishment - Food Court.

Address: Crn King & Castlereagh Streets, Sydney NSW

Product/Finish: SUPASLAT in Blackbutt NTV with polished low VOC finish on E1 low formaldehyde MR-MDF.

Designer: Luchetti Krelle

Builder: Built

Installer: Southern Ambition

Photos: Tyrone Branigan Productions


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