Matched multiple products from one source present complete solution

Matched multiple products from one source present complete solution

Ministry & Learning Centre, Morling College, Macquarie Park NSW

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   9th, February 2021

Multiple lining products by SUPAWOOD have been used on the exterior and throughout the interior of the new Ministry and Learning Centre at Morling College in Macquarie Park, NSW.  Watch our video walk through...


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The design brief required a cost-effective combination of durable lining options that could be mixed and matched perfectly while also blending with other elements chosen. Additionally, a weather resistant beam product was needed for screens on the exterior of the building. All products needed to be either Fire Group 1 or non-combustible to meet stringent BCA requirements.

The design team welcomed the opportunity to be presented with a ‘complete solution’ by SUPAWOOD. By working with one supplier, product matching and customising could be addressed more cost effectively.

Exterior Aluminium Screens:

The exterior screens on the building have been constructed from two profiles, 100x50 and 150x 50, ALUCLICK aluminium non-combustible beams. SUPAWOOD worked closely with the architect and builder to formulate engineering for a 6m beam span between fixings on one area of the building. As there were also other areas where 4.5 m spans were required, SUPAWOOD reengineered our ALUCLICK fixing system to suit the extra-long lengths. These external screens are in 3 different SUPAMETAL Aluminium finishes, Lunar Grey with highlights of Timberland Grey and large areas of Western Red Cedar Woodgrain.

ALUCLICK on the exterior of Morling College

Inside the building SUPAWOOD interior products have been used including SUPALINE and SUPASLAT panels and SUPATILE DIT ceiling tiles. These have all been matched perfectly in a highly durable SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine Limed laminate finish. All these products are Fire Group 1 and zero VOC.

Slatted Ceilings:

SUPASLAT Profile 4 slatted ceilings have been used throughout the interior to define circulations areas with a directional effect. These have also been used to define other areas, such as above receptions. These have also been finished in SUPAFINISH - Hoop Pine Limed on a Fire Group 1 MDF substrate. The slatted panels were supplied assembled but some were additionally cut to shape on site where required.

SUPASLAT slatted ceiling panels at Morling College

Feature Grooved Wall Linings:

For feature walls in the foyer, circulation areas plus some breakouts and teaching rooms a custom grooved SUPALINE was created. These panels were constructed by using the SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine Limed finish on a black FR MDF then the grooves applied at an angle in four different spacings to create an unusual effect. The different spacings were calculated so that the grooves would still line up from one shaped panel to the next.

SUPALINE Grooved at Morling College

Drop-in Ceiling Tiles:

Throughout many of the breakout areas, multi-purpose rooms, training rooms and the 600 seat auditorium, SUPATILE DIT ‘Angular’ slot acoustic pattern and smooth drop-in ceiling tiles have been used. These, like the wall panels, have been constructed on a black FR MDF to accentuate slots.  Panels were also supplied with mitred returns. The use of these acoustic ceiling tiles have improved noise reverberations in these areas.

The choice of ceiling tiles has ensured easy access into the ceiling cavity and services above. The installation was also simple as they just drop into a T-bar ceiling grid.

SUPATILE DIT drop-in ceiling tiles at Morling College

Auditorium and Library

The vast ceiling of the auditorium is also lined with SUPATILE DIT ceiling tiles. These have ensured excellent acoustics and aided easy integration of audio-visual equipment and other services throughout the space. Now updating any of these services is also much more economical as quick access into the ceiling cavity is always available. The same treatment has been applied to the library ceiling but here in areas matching feature SUPALINE Grooved walls have been also applied.

SUPATILE DIT ceiling in the auditorium at Morling College
SUPATILE DIT and SUPALINE Grooved on the ceiling and walls of Morling College

Matching products

The combined effect of the SUPATILE DIT acoustic ceiling tiles and the SUPALINE Grooved walls in areas has achieved great warmth and comfort to the spaces.

The ability to used the same finish and substrate across products have ensure a perfect match from slats, to ceiling tiles to the grooved walls. This provides unity throughout the different spaces of the building.

This project is an excellent example of how working with SUPAWOOD presents you with a complete solution, one where the whole process from beginning to end can be achieved successfully and efficiently within your required budget.

SUPATILE DIT ceiling tiles and SUPALINE grooved walls at Morling College

Award:  2020 - MBA Excellence in Construction Award - Tertiary Buildings up to $50million.

Project:  Ministry and Learning Centre at Morling College

Address:  122 Herring Rd, Macquarie Park NSW

Architect:  Stanton Dahl

Builder:  Grindley Construction

Installer:  Bright Ceiling

Photography:  Michael Anderson


Exterior screens - ALUCLICK non-combustible aluminium beams in SUPAMETAL Aluminium Lunar Grey, Timberland Grey solid colours and Western Red Cedar Woodgrain. For more information about ALUCLICK go here >>>

Interior walls and ceilings - SUPASLAT slatted ceilings in circulation areas. SUPALINE Grooved feature walls on black FR MDF substrate, SUPATILE DIT drop-in ceiling tiles in both acoustic Angular pattern and smooth on black FR MDF substrate. All interior products are Fire Group 1 and finished in matching SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine Limed laminate.

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