Supacoustic at PEGS School

Complex curved acoustic ceiling brings design dreams into reality for school hall

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS), Keilor East VIC

Dynamic interior design by McBride Charles Ryan using SUPACOUSTIC curved ceiling

Penleigh & Essendon Reception area
The reception area for the gymnasium.

SUPAWOOD acoustic and decorative panels feature strongly in the interior of the new state-of-the-arts Gymnasium and Events Centre at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS) in Keilor East VIC.

The brief for the architect, McBride Charles Ryan, included designing the multi-purpose hall which could fit the whole school of up to 2000 pupils as well as cater for large scale performances. This flexible large space with an acoustic ceiling height of 8.4 metre posed problems with noise reverberation so a reflective acoustic panelling solution was required. The design also called for a lining which could be installed in precision complex curves while meeting BSA regulations for this type of building.

Knowing SUAPWOOD could manufacture and supply lining products tailored exactly to suite the design intent plus provide expert advice throughout the whole fit out, the design team chose perforated SUPACOUSTIC panelling with matching SUPALINE decorative panels.

The high-level of architectural detailing in this project required considerable coordination between trades prior to works commencing on site. SUPAWOOD was involved from the very beginning to advise and assist the design team and subcontractors by providing extensive and very accurate shop drawing, shop drawing reviews, samples and prototypes. All of this aided in minimising risk and providing the desired outcome.

Flowing across the ceiling of the vast space is a series of long curved channels which mirror the arched windows below at either end. Looking the other direction along the seating gallery arches have been cut out of the sides of channels to add height over the gallery. These curving features also echo the exterior of the building.

The curve walls of each channel is lined with SP1 patterned perforated SUPACOUSTIC panels. The underside area between the channels and that of the gallery arches is lined with SUPALINE solid panels into which lighting and other elements have been integrated. All has been finished in a custom SUPAFINISH Silver Ash laminate on black FR MDF.

On entry to the to the hall, the ceiling over the approach to the reception desk hints at what is on the ceiling of the space beyond. Here the SUPALINE solid decorative panels finished in SUPAVENEER Tasmanian Oak natural timber veneer on FR MDF has been used.

All panels used where supplied pre-finished to size to detailed plan schedules, are Fire Group 2 and installed using a proprietary concealed fixing system.

This project is an excellent example of how SUPAWOOD can through providing a comprehensive design, supply and install service successfully collaborate with all involved to turn design dreams into reality.

Project: Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS) – Multipurpose Hall.

Address: Keilor Rd and Rachelle Road, Keilor East VIC


Gymnasium ceiling – SUPACOUSTIC perforated in SP1 pattern and matching SUPALINE decorative panels finished in a custom SUPAFINISH Silver Ash laminate on black FR MDF.

Reception ceiling – SUPALINE decorative panels finished in SUPAVENEER Tasmanian Oak natural timber veneer on black FR MDF.

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Architect: McBride Charles Ryan

Builder: McCorkell Construction

Photography: John Gollings

Supacoustic ceiling at PEGS gymnasium

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