SUPACOUSTIC Noise Control Kits in Staggered Sizes Create Economic and Effective Acoustic Solution For Roadhouse Eatery

SUPACOUSTIC Noise Control Kits in Staggered Sizes Create Economic and Effective Acoustic Solution For Roadhouse Eatery

Puma Energy Service Centre, South Kempsey NSW

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018

Good looking, economic & effective Acoustic Panels for fast food court 

The Pacific Hwy bypass Puma Energy Service Centre at South Kempsey, NSW is a very busy stopping point for motorists as it is strategically positioned mid-way between Sydney and the Gold Coast. Therefore, when designing the expansive interior space for the fast food outlets an effective, decorative and economical solution was needed to eliminate unwanted noise.

The design/builder W.A. Brown Building turned to SUPAWOOD for advice on the best acoustic panel solution which would fit their client’s design brief and budget. SUPACOUSTIC NCK noise control kits proved to be the perfect answer.

SUPACOUSTIC NCK acoustic panels come in complete kit form so installation is quick and the panels can be easily arranged around services on the ceiling. This makes the noise control kits ideal for this type of large space where a variety of different utilities are scattered over the ceiling area.

In this project the slotted SUPACOUSTIC NCK panels have been arranged in rows to break up the vast expanse of the flat ceiling and to buffer the reflected noise over high traffic areas. High, med and low depths set on black returns have been used in varying widths to create an added decorative 3D feel.



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To co-ordinate with other timber elements used throughout the interior, a SUPAFINISH Spotted Gum finish has been used. By selecting a SUPAFINISH concept veneer easy maintenance and durability is assured.

The warmth of the timber and the elimination of reflective noise in this busy rest stop has successfully made the environment warm and welcoming for travellers to come in and revive.

Project: New build Fast food court at Puma Energy Service Centre

Address: 511 Pacific Highway, South Kempsey NSW

Product: Mixed size SUPACOUSTIC NCK Fixing slotted panels at Low, Med and High depths. For more information about SUPACOUSTIC NCK Fixing go here>>>

Finish: SUPAFINISH Spotted Gum concept veneer. For more information about our finishes go here>>>

Designer/Builder: W.A. Brown Building Pty Ltd

Photos: Courtesy of W.A. Brown Building Pty Ltd and Puma Energy South Kempsey

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