SUPALINE Plywood Wall and SUPACOUSTIC Slotted Ceiling Panels Provide Economic Lining Solution for Miltary Museum

SUPALINE Plywood Wall and SUPACOUSTIC Slotted Ceiling Panels Provide Economic Lining Solution for Miltary Museum

The Australian Army Museum of Military Engineering, Holsworthy Barracks, NSW

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018

Minimalistic durable timber plywood walls for Army Museum

SUPAWOOD’s SUPALINE plywood timber wall panels have achieved a smart but simple industrial finish in the interior of the new Australian Army Museum of Military Engineering building at Holsworthy Barracks in south western Sydney NSW.

Designed by BVN, the new museum building is part of the largest capital works project undertaken for the Department of Defense in the past 70 years, the relocation of the Moorebank Units to Holsworthy.

To consolidate under one roof the collections of both the Royal Australian Engineer and Royal Australian Survey Corps, the client’s brief called for a large open warehouse space fashioned from minimalistic strong materials. SUPALINE natural Hoop Pine Plywood panels in a clear satin finish have provided an economical timber lining solution for key areas and allied perfectly with the overall theme.

Approximately 1500mof SUPALINE Hoop Pine plywood panelling has been installed throughout the museum interior. Chosen for their consistency of colour and durable finish, the SUPALINE timber panels create warmth to the entry area where they are combined with a gabion wall to define a military atmosphere. Silhouette figures of diggers have been mounted on the panels which form the centre screen down the ramped walkway leading into the main display further set the mood.

Interior rooms have been created in several areas walled off from the main display gallery. The outer surfaces of these areas have been fully lined with the SUPALINE Plywood timber panels. These include the admin offices, smaller galleries, lift foyer, conservation areas and the theatrette.

Stretching nearly the entire length down one side of the main gallery with stairs at either end is the timeline gallery. The stairs and gallery balustrade and the entire length of this wall on both levels are lined with the SUPALINE plywood timber panels. The timeline gallery display has been mounted on the timber background while below the names of major conflicts are projected onto the wood.


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The small theatrette is completely lined with SUPALINE plywood timber panels on the walls and SUPACOUSTIC plywood acoustic slotted panels on the ceiling. One side wall of the theatre is open to the foyer but has folding sliding doors which can close it off completely. The door sections are also lined with the timber panels.

Throughout the museum SUPALINE Hoop Pine plywood panelling has lifted the interior from a stark warehouse atmosphere into a clean lined contemporary statement. The simplistic use of raw materials like the Hoop Pine timber panels, the rough stone of the gabion walls and a polished concrete floor complement perfectly the content of the museum’s collection.

Project: Australian Army Museum of Military Engineering, Holsworthy Barracks, Sydney NSW

Address: Heathcote Road, Holsworthy, Sydney NSW

Products: Museum - SUPALINE walls. Theatre - walls and dividing doors in SUPALINE and ceiling in slotted SUPACOUSTIC.

Finish: Natural Hoop Pine Plywood panels in a clear satin finish.

Architect: BVN Donovan Hill, Sydney and Conrad Gargett in association.

Builder: Laing Orourke

Photos: JadaArt

Award: 2016 NSW Architecture Awards - Public Arhitecture - Shortlist

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