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SUPACOUSTIC Acoustic and Supaline Decorative Linings Meet Sustainable and BCA Requirements For Bush Retreat

Trinity Grammar Field Studies Centre, Woollamia NSW

Building Studio Architects design sustainable bush retreat for boys’ school

SUPAWOOD’s acoustic and decorative panels have been used throughout the Trinity Grammar’s state-of-the-art Field Studies Centre at Woollamia in the Shoalhaven region of NSW.

The designers, Building Studio Architects, were commissioned to create a series of inspiring buildings to sit comfortably into the surrounding bush setting. They therefore looked for natural materials including a sustainable timber lining product which could be used for the ceilings both inside and out, a product which met stringent BCA regulations and provided good noise reverberation reduction.

SUPAWOOD’s SUPACOUSTIC and SUPALINE proved to be the ideal choice as they could choose a timber finish to match other elements used with a choice of sustainable options. More importantly, the panels lining the ceiling both inside and out could be matched perfectly.

The main building is a long house containing multipurpose communal spaces and large spans of glass windows and doors down one side, making excellent use of the beautiful natural vistas. To amplify this feeling of flowing the interior out into the environment, the inside timber ceiling extends through the glass and onto the underside of a wide verandah.

The underside of the roof of the verandah is lined with SUPALINE solid panels in the Wet-Seal option to withstand exterior exposure.

The interior ceiling throughout is lined with SUPACOUSTIC acoustic slotted panels which have been defined by SUPALINE solid spacers and a black infill. These effectively dull the echo of the open interior. On either end of the long building both solid and slotted panels have been used to line the walls. All panels, both inside and out, are finished in Fusion Eucalypt natural timber.

This project illustrates how SUPAWOOD’s timber finished linings can be matched throughout the interior and exterior of a building to achieve a blend with its environment while successfully addressing other concerns such as sustainability, BCA regulations and noise reverberation.

Project: Trinity Grammar School Field Studies Centre at Woollamia in the Shoalhaven region of NSW.

Address: 335 Woollamia Rd, Woollamia NSW

Interior - SUPACOUSTIC slotted and SUPALINE panels in SUPAVENEER Fusion Eucalypt NTV with black infil.
Verandah - SUPALINE Wet-Seal panels in SUPAVENEER Fusion Eucalypt NTV with black infil.

Designer: Building Studio Architects

Builder: Stephen Edwards Constructions

Installer: Auzoom Projects

Photos: Richard Glover


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