Mix of SUPAWOOD Acoustic and Slatted Lining Products Used Extensively in Atrium of Commercial Building

Mix of SUPAWOOD Acoustic and Slatted Lining Products Used Extensively in Atrium of Commercial Building

Western Sydney University, Werrington Park Corporate Centre, NSW

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018

Architectus Group find the perfect sustainable combination of linings and finishes for atrium.

SUPAWOOD mixed products have been used extensively in the light-filled atrium of the Werrington Park Corporate Centre, located at Western Sydney University, NSW. The atrium joins the two wings of the three storey building and has walkways flowing around the 2 upper levels.

The architects, Architectus Group, wanted to unite a mix of products in different finishes throughout while meeting the client’s brief for an emphasis on BCA compliance and sustainability. With such a high open space noise echo posed a problem and had to be addressed.

The SUPAWOOD range provided the complete mix of options wanted, as well as expert advice on the best products and finishes to meet all requirements.

This innovative commercial and research centre has been designed to reflect the local area so the look of natural timber was chosen as a feature throughout. The balustrades on three sides and the underside of the suspended staircase are lined with custom slotted SUPACOUSTIC acoustic panels in SUPAVENEER Tallowwood natural timber veneer.

Tallowwood NTV SUPASLAT slatted panels line the under sides of the atrium bridges. The slatted panels have also been cleverly used under the walkway which stretches across the huge windows at the east end of the atrium to eliminate unwanted glare.



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Tallowwood NTV has also been used to line the walls around the lifts. Here SUPALINE grooved panelling have been used to blend with the slatted ceilings under the bridges above.

The balustrades on the south-facing side of the atrium have been lined in SUPACOUSTIC slotted panels in SUPAFINISH White to break up the use of the timber and add light. High up near the skylights White slotted acoustic panelling has also been used to reflect and throw light into the space below.

A final touch has been added to define the area of the café by using a SUPASLAT feature wall in SUPAFINISH White. This continues up onto the balustrade above the café where there is a breakout area. In places around the balustrades, venting has been incorporated for air flow. Hidden access panels have been used where needed to allow for reaching services.

To ensure that all went smoothly during this complex install, SUPAWOOD provided their Design and Construct Service throughout by suppling detailed shop drawings and continual onsite assistance to the contractor.

All panels are fire retardant and made from PEFC-21-31-150 certified timber which has contributed to the building achieving a 5 Star Green Star rating – Office Design 3 rating and 4.5 Star NABERS Energy Rating.

Award: 2016 - Finalist - Sustainability Awards – Large Commercial.

Project: Central atrium - Werrington Park Corporate Centre (new built)

Address: Great Western Highway, Kingswood NSW

Product: SUPACOUSTIC custom slotted acoustic panels on balustrades and under staircase, SUPASLAT slatted wall and ceilings, SUPALINE in both smooth and custom grooved on walls and trim on bridge ceilings.

Finish: SUPAVENEER Tallowwood natural timber veneer and SUPAFINISH White.

Architect: Architectus Group

Builder: Adco Constuctions

Installer: S & Y Lining Pty Ltd

Photos: JadaArt

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