Are SUPAWOOD Beams Structural?

SUPAWOOD products are designed as decorative linings systems. Our fixings are engineered for products to be secured to wall or ceiling framing as lightweight, decorative, or acoustic features to a space.  

SUPAWOOD products are therefore unsuitable as free-standing structures or structural supports. Our MAXIBEAM and ALUCLICK products cannot be used as: 

  1. Load bearing beams or as a main bearer 
  2. As a structural member in a building 
  3. As a free-standing screen
  4. For cantilevering spans greater than 1200mm for MAXIBEAMS or 1500mm for ALUCLICK
  5. As a wall joinery item, such as floating shelving
Kogarah Community Dental Clinic
Kogarah Community Dental Clinic

So where can SUPAWOOD MAXIBEAMS or ALUCLICK products be used? 

SUPAWOOD Beam Products are specially designed as lightweight beams, decorative beams as a lining, screening or suspended feature. Examples include: 

  • As a wall lining or attachment
  • As a ceiling lining or suspended aluminium or timber ceiling beam feature.
  • As a screen, when fixed to the floor and ceiling

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While SUPAWOOD beams cannot be used as a weight-bearing or structural beam, it is possible for the beams to carry weight up to a load limit to integrate or support lighting.  

For further information on SUPAWOOD Beams maximum spans, lengths and customizable features, view our blog

For any questions on the suitability and use of our beam ranges, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly Customer Care and Technical Staff.