Are SUPAWOOD panels acoustically certified?

At SUPAWOOD we offer high-functioning acoustic sound panels that combine beautiful form and high function. Being a fully customisable range, we help designers achieve the acoustic requirements of a space, whilst still nailing the design brief.

We have created a number of blogs, providing knowledge and advice around how our SUPACOUSTIC range is fully customizable and acoustically certified as well. Read the summaries of these blogs below to find out more:

GPAC JH (40)

Glasshouse Christian College Performing Arts Centre, Beerwah QLD

What is noise reduction coefficient (NRC)?

You may have heard the term ‘NRC’ in relation to Room Acoustics.  Learn more about what this is about and how it affects your design. Read more >>>

Do Supawood panels block sound or make a room ‘sound-proof’?

Building Acoustics is about blocking sound or making rooms more ‘sound-proof’.  However, Supawood panels will help you with Room Acoustics.  Learn more about the difference between these two acoustic disciplines. Read more >>>

Acoustics for Interior Designers & Architects

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How much do timber acoustic panels cost?

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Acoustic considerations for Office fit outs

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Acoustic considerations for Education

Learn what acoustic features are needed in Educational buildings and why this is so important.  Different types of room use are also covered. Read more >>>