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What lengths do Beams come in and Can the Maxi Beam sizes be customised?

Maxi Beams Standard lengths differ due to finish and fire required substrates – standard wood timber beam lengths detailed below on both MR & FR MDF substrates (MR MDF Fire Group 3 & FR MDF Fire Group 2)


The Maxi Beams can be customised within the standard lengths, standard widths are detailed below


All finishes can customise the depth of the beams, width to remain at 50mm


The following finishes can customise depth and width

  • Supafinish MR MDF
  • Supafinish FR MDF
  • Supasurface V Series MR MDF
  • Supasurface V Series FR MDF
  • Supacolour FR MDF

Please speak to Supawood’s technical staff to discuss your custom sizes.