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DRIFTWOOD weathered timber wall panels are a unique product, which is used by many top Australian designers. This rustic timber paneling system has enabled architects and interior specialists to achieve a realistic and chic weathered wood appearance.

Originally custom developed for a hospitality complex, our DRIFTWOOD rustic timber paneling has now become a standard option. DRIFTWOOD is a weathered effect timber slat created by hand etching and coating of a specific grade and species of hardwood timber. This attention to detail means there will be variations between slats and colours, making each rustic wood paneling and slat for walls unique.

It is the interaction between the natural characteristics and features that give it such a stunning rustic wood look. The etching process synthesizes the effect of wood that has been weathered by ocean waves and sand. The result of the rustic wooden panels is impressive - fitting into a boho-chic style or a great contrast to industrial design.

Features of this rustic wall and ceiling timber panels include deep grooves and cracks, pinholes, and knots which will vary in intensity and frequency from slat to slat. These features form part of the natural beauty of the DRIFTWOOD weathered timber panels.


Unique weathered timber panelling

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Product Features

DRIFTWOOD product features:

  • Rustic & natural
  • Weathered effect gives stunning wood look
  • Available in SUPATILE Slat fully accessible ceiling tiles
  • Available in SUPASLAT custom slatted panels
  • Available in a range of slat configurations
  • Recognised for its aesthetics, quality & versatility
  • Available in a selection of natural, stained and solid colours
  • Timber features knots, pinholes, deep grooves and cracks


Special acoustic panel options available:

  • Available in both acoustic & non-acoustic options
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