Lab-certified Acoustic Lining Solutions

At SUPAWOOD we offer high-functioning acoustic sound panels that combine beautiful form and high function. Our state of the art acoustic wall and acoustic ceiling panels, not only transform the acoustic comfort and reverberation patterns of any space but can serve as stunning design features too. SUPAWOOD acoustic panels have been used in a wide range of different locations: from shopping centres to lecture theatres, sports halls to offices and atriums to restaurants.

We’ll work with you to discover the best decorative sound absorption panels to meet your needs when it comes to acoustic performance, aesthetic, practicality, durability, and budget. Regardless of which style and finish you go for, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our acoustic panels are of the highest quality. The SUPACOUSTIC panel range is lab accredited for its acoustic performance, built from certified Green Star materials, and has a full 7-year performance warranty.

Acoustic wall and ceiling panels offering superior noise control:

High acoustic performance.
Lab-tested with certified acoustic test results.
Crisp edges, resistant to visible chipping.

Special acoustic panel options available:

Custom patterns upon request.
Curved wall and ceiling panels.
Green Star options.
Fire Group 1 and 2 to AS5637.1 options.
Access and services options.
Non-combustible version in 3mm aluminium to NCC2019 C1.9 and AS 1530.3

Pick from our range of acoustic panel patterns:

5 perforated Binary Code patterns.
3 slotted patterns, also available in our unique V-Slot technology.
2 perforation patterns.
3 creative patterns.

Choose from a range of finishes:

SUPAFINISH – For a sleek and consistent finish on all acoustic ceiling and wall panels.
SUPAVENEER – For natural timber veneers selected and finished to deliver wood acoustic panels with finesse.
SUPACOLOUR – For a highly durable colour and metallic finish to your acoustic panels.

Fire Group 1 and 2 panels have a grey core as standard.  Fire Group 3 panels have a brown core as standard.



Decorative acoustic paneling offering superior noise control

SUPACOUSTIC - Special Fixing Options 

SUPACOUSTIC NCK Fixing noise control kits are individual prefinished acoustic wall or ceiling panels supplied in a complete kit form.

You can install this acoustic panel system over other wall or ceiling surfaces, for example, plasterboard or cement render using our quality mounting systems.

This product is manufactured in both Australia and the UK.

This floating acoustic panel system has been designed to be:
  • Acoustically absorbent with a high impact slot pattern.
  • Aesthetically attractive, in a wide range of different finishes: from metallic to wood acoustic panels.
  • Flexible and adaptable to suit any site conditions (stand-alone acoustic panels with no requirement for careful measuring).
  • Come in 5 different sizes (2390x1190, 1790x1190, 1190x1190, 2390x590 & 1190x590) so that the acoustic panels can be easily installed between existing lights and services.
  • Simple to install with 4-step instructions included.
  • Easy to calculate project costs.

SUPACOUSTIC PLK Fixing panel lining kit is a prefinished acoustic panel system. The acoustic absorption panels are designed for direct fixing. It also includes screws and joint backing strips for lining large ceiling or wall areas.

This product is manufactured in both Australia and the UK.

This acoustic panel system has been designed to:
  • Deliver flawless acoustic quality with a high impact slot pattern.
  • Look fantastic across the whole range of timber and wood finishes: white, black and silver.
  • Provide design flexibility to suit any application.
  • Quick and straightforward to install.
  • Easy to calculate project costs.

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