Premium Decorative
Wall and ceiling panel systems

Don’t compromise on design or function with the Supaline decorative wall and ceiling panels. Perfect for creating a feature wall, a striking ceiling, or contemporary dividers, the decorative panel system delivers on durability and aesthetics. They’re the perfect choice to make your design dreams a reality -  ideal for interior lining applications wherever protection, aesthetics, or access is required.

The Supaline decorative panels solution has been designed to deliver total design adaptability, whilst being easy to install and maintain. Their unique flexibility makes it simple to create smooth architectural lines and curved contemporary designs with ease.

As well as having all of these fantastic features, Supaline panels are available in a variety of different finishes. From decorative timber panels give warmth to a design, to clean metallics to give a more modern feel - we’ve got a finish to suit your aesthetic needs.

This product is manufactured in both Australia and the UK.


Premium decorative wall and ceiling panel system

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Product Features

Some application examples include:

  • Decorative wall panels for a feature wall
  • High traffic areas such as lobbies, reception areas, atrium & passageways.
  • Decorative ceiling panels for a striking aesthetic
  • High activity areas such as multi-purpose halls & sporting centres
  • Decorative panels for pillars or beams
  • Office partitions

Special acoustic panel options available:

  • Fire Group 1 and 2 to AS5637.1 options
  • Non-combustible version in 3mm aluminium to NCC 2019 C1.9 and AS 1530.3
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Adding grooves to the surface of our SUPALINE panels is a creative option available which allows you to give our SUPALINE panels a whole new dimension.

In this option, the panels are constructed of a contrasting MDF substrate to the surface finish and then grooves are applied to the surface to create the desired pattern.

Three substrate colours are available – natural MDF (beige), grey and black.

Now you can apply a decorative effect to surface of smooth panels to compliment the other elements in your design. The effects achievable are only limited by your imagination.

Discover how Grooved SUPALINE has been used creatively on walls throughout the interior of the Ministry & Learning Centre at Morling College, Macquarie Park NSW - read full story>>>

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