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Acoustics without detracting from
the beauty of woodgrain

Introducing SUPAMICRO - SUPAWOOD's new micro-perforated acoustic panel solution, offering acoustic performance features and benefits, without interfering with the features of the panel finish. This discrete acoustic system allows the natural beauty of your woodgrain to shine through, whilst still achieving your project's acoustic requirements.

We know its not always easy to find a solution that will make your project stand out as distinctive and satisfy your client and the project's performance, compliance and budget needs. That's why we customise a large range of ceiling and wall systems to your specifications. Order your FREE sample today and explore the number of aesthetic and functional benefits SUPAMICRO has to offer.


Discrete decorative acoustic panel solutions

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Product Features

Acoustic wall and ceiling panels offering superior noise control:

  • Discrete acoustics
  • Fire Group 2 & 3 options available
  • Australian-Made
  • Acoustic ratings
  • Available in all standard and custom finishes
  • Lab-tested with certified acoustic test results.
  • Crisp edges, resistant to visible chipping.

Choose from a range of finishes:

  • SUPAFINISH – For a sleek and consistent finish on all acoustic ceiling and wall panels.
  • SUPATEXTURE - Our new, textural, durable finish option.
  • SUPAVENEER – For natural timber veneers selected and finished to deliver wood acoustic panels with finesse.
  • SUPACOLOUR – For a highly durable colour and metallic finish to your acoustic panels.
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