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SUPATILE DIT is a prefinished drop-in ceiling tile system that combines good looks with rapid installation into T-bar grid for full access to services in the ceiling cavity.

This product offers an exciting and creative alternative to traditional ceiling tiles. SUPATILE DIT is the ideal refit solution as you can easily keep the existing drop ceiling grid and totally transform your space with a simple upgrade. Simply remove the old tiles and replace with SUPATILE DIT to achieve refreshed visual appeal and design flexibility with cost effective, rapid installation.

SUPATILE DIT comes in our SUPAFINISH laminate concept timber veneers and colours. This is durable, easy to clean and has zero VOC emissions.

The tiles also come in a range of aesthetically attractive acoustic patterns giving you the added option to easily eliminate noise reverberation problems in an area with a simple upgrade.

Fire Group 1 and 2 panels have a grey core as standard.  Fire Group 3 panels have a brown core as standard.

Finishes and patterns can be mixed and matched. Denote certain areas by simply changing the finish or pattern of tiles in one area to contrast with the other parts of the ceiling. In the future if you get tired of this configuration just lift them out and rearrange them.

SUPATILE DIT drop down ceiling's great looks combined with ease of specifying, installing and access into the roof cavity has meant it has been selected by leading designers in many projects throughout Australia.


Ceiling tiles that add sophistication to any home or office.

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Product Features

This system has been designed to provide the following features:

  • 100? access to the ceiling cavity
  • Quick to install
  • Full range of wood finishes
  • Multi-directional slat effects possible
  • Simple to customise
  • Can fit existing ceiling grids
  • Full range of configurations
  • Fire resistant and Green options


Choose from a range of finishes:

  • SUPAFINISH – For a sleek and consistent finish on all acoustic ceiling and wall panels.
  • SUPAVENEER – For natural timber veneers selected and finished to deliver wood acoustic panels with finesse.
  • SUPACOLOUR – For a highly durable colour and metallic finish to your acoustic panels.
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