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WAFFLE BLADES is the latest product from SUPAWOOD that brings together the best of both worlds; superior acoustic ceilings with chic, custom-made geometric 3-dimensional cube designs that add warmth and richness to any interior space.

The WAFFLE BLADE is a cost-effective ceiling lining system that allows you to easily design striking geometric cube shape effects in a variety of woodgrain finishes including Natural Timber Veneer (SUPAVANEER), Tactile Woodgrains (SUPATEXTURE) and veneer and coloured laminates (SUPAFINISH). The beauty of wood finishes add a natural warmth to any interior space and WAFFLE BLADES have the added benefit of superior sound absorption.

With WAFFLE BLADES, your design has the potential to redefine ceilings as we know them. They are also super quick to install and have a short lead time.


Custom geometric designs made easy


Exciting and on-trend, WAFFLE BLADES open an incredible array of design possibilities without compromising on the need for easy access to service areas or your budget. SUPAWOOD has developed this new ceiling solution with the understanding that form should follow function. WAFFLE BLADES are ideal for a wide range of applications in particular retail, hospitality, commercial and office fit-outs.

From dazzling cross, saltire, and cube patterns to complex multi-point starbursts, if you can imagine it, it’s possible to create with WAFFLE BLADES. This versatility enables you to make a strong visual statement that can align perfectly with your design vision.

Transform your space with the WAFFLE BLADE ceiling lining system – where each project is more than just visually stunning, it also offers an unparalleled acoustic experience.

Interested in what you have read so far? Experience the magic of Waffle Blades for yourself by booking a meeting [link to book meeting] with our architectural consultant, Richard Hardwick. Alternatively, you can watch the video below to understand how Waffle Blades work and to visualize how they can transform your spaces.

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Product Features

Key product features:

  • Blades can be criss-crossed and angled in a myriad of ways
  • Use in an open grid or enclose the back with solid or acoustic panels
  • insert diagonal or perpendicular crosspieces
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Matching or contrasting finishes
  • Access options


Special acoustic panel options available:

  • Green Star options.
  • Fire Group 2 and 3 to AS5637.1 options available.
  • Access and services options.

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