SUPATILE SLAT is a slatted ceiling system that combines the beautiful aesthetic of timber slats with the easy access and installation of SUPATILE. So whether you’re looking to enhance a traditional space with a wood slat ceiling or give warmth to a contemporary home, this timber slat ceiling system is a fantastic choice.

SUPATILE SLAT ceiling system fits into the traditional, exposed two-way T-bar grid and can accommodate any shape or size of the room as well as floating ceiling areas. Both decorative and sound absorbent, a slatted ceiling system will quickly and easily transform any area with an upscale linear look. Plus, the quick installation makes the slatted ceiling range practical and cost-effective.

SUPATILE SLAT panels are constructed of timber battens into standard size panels, which are available in 5 standard profiles. These profiles can be used to create multi-directional effects, fulfilling any ceiling design you have in mind.

Standard Options:

5 Standard Wood Slat Ceiling Configurations for a wide variety of looks

Supaslat and Supatile Slat profiles

This system has been designed to provide the following features:

100% access to the ceiling cavity

Quick to install

Full range of wood finishes

Multi-directional slat effects possible

Simple to customise

Can fit existing ceiling grids

Full range of configurations

Fire Resistant and Green options

Supatile Slat Brochure - updated 7-19.cdr


Premium Fully Accessible Slatted Ceiling System

Other products in the Supatile range include:


Feature drop-in ceiling tiles


Eye-catching, practical and cost-effective feature ceiling tile system.

Feature Drop-In ceiling tiles

SUPATILE DIT is a prefinished drop-in ceiling tile system that combines aesthetics with rapid installation. Easily fits into a T-bar grid for full access to the ceiling cavity.

Eye-catching 3D effects ceiling tiles

SUPATILE 3D is the new, fully customisable 3D ceiling tile system that vastly expands your design options while simplifying installation and eliminating the potential for cost over-runs.

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Many SUPATILE ceiling systems, can be used in existing ceiling grids without the expense of any significant construction work. This feature makes them ideal for refurbishments as well as new fit-outs.

Our ceiling tile systems also come in a range of different finishes and patterns, making it easy to create stunning designs. Choose from a choice of different colour finishes, veneers, and metallic effects to achieve unique patterns and bring a great atmosphere to an overall fit-out.

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