We understand room acoustics and reverberation control

“Don't compromise your design aesthetic because of acoustic needs. There is a solution for you.”

SUPAWOOD have high end architectural linings for reverberation control and optimal acoustics.

Our Summary of Acoustic Options provides you with all the information you need about our acoustic products and options. This includes full NATA certified test results, scattering coefficients and other technical documentation, all designed to help you make the right choice for your next project.

We are also here to help if you need more information...

As well as providing project specific advice, Supawood provide CPD courses on Architectural Linings for Reverberation Control. Contact us for more information.

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Temple of Kukulkan Pyramid
Architecturally Sound: Part 3 – Chirped Echoes & Colouration
In Part 3 of Architecturally Sound, learn about chirped echoes and colouration, acoustic phenomena found at the ancient Maya Temple Kukulkan.  Watch my video for a demonstration of chirped echoes ...
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Mayan Ball Court
Architecturally Sound: Part 2 – How Flutter Echo Impacts a Space
In Part 2 of Architecturally Sound, we continue our exploration of acoustic phenomena in architecture with a look at flutter echo in Mayan Ball Courts. Learn how flutter echo can ...
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Architecturally Sound: Part 1 – Why Acoustics Matter In Great Architecture
"Sometimes great visual architecture can lead to not so great acoustics…the end result being an unsuccessful project." Vision is our most dominant sense. The hegemony of sight in architecture is ...
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View some high performance Acoustic Projects where Supawood has been used...

SUPACOUSTIC customised timber acoustic panels dominate the architecture throughout the award winning Glasshouse at Port Macquarie and are intrinsic to the acoustic excellence of the building. Read more >>>

SUPACOUSTIC acoustic curved panels line the interior of the large multi-purpose sports hall at Abbotsleigh School for Girls, Wahroonga, NSW. Reed more >>>

MAXI BEAM is used on the circulation areas ceilings to break up the surface and address the problem of noise echo in the Executive Education Centre at the Queensland Uni of Technology. Read more >>>

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