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Decorative Ceiling Panels

Ceilings are considered the ‘fifth wall’ that covers as much space as flooring, making them an essential factor in architectural work and interior design. With Supawood’s decorative ceiling panels, you can define a space, create a focal point, conceal unsightly components and more. We have ceiling panels with cool and warm shades and bold colours. Plus, we can customise your panels to adhere to your company’s branding.

Timber ceiling panels are just one of Supawood’s specialties and we continue to help architects transform spaces with our ceiling panel range.

Experts in the Ceiling Panel Market

Supawood has years of experience in designing architectural floating ceilings. Catering to an international market, we design and build our panels to meet Australian, New Zealand and UK standards.

Floating ceilings are created by stopping panels short of surrounding vertical surfaces. The remaining space is then filled with flush, dropped or raised plasterboard. You can also opt for a blacked out perimeter for a stunning contrasting effect.

Our timber ceiling panels allow unprecedented design flexibility, whether it’s a curved style or a raked finish. Clients often prefer ceiling panels that conceal fixings but you can ask for an exposed design if you want to achieve a modern, industrial look. Our ceiling panels are well suited for shopping malls, auditoriums, lobbies and other common areas.

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