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Supafinish Hoop Pine Concept Veneer - the plywood alternative

Those having problems with plywood supply might consider the alternative and try Supawood’s cost effective pre-finished panels in Supafinish Hoop Pine concept veneer.

Supafinish Hoop Pine is a photographic reproduction of Rotary Cut Hoop Pine, without the defects.

Key advantages include:

  • Panels are prefinished so on-site finishing is eliminated.
  • Lead times short and reliable.
  • Machining is clean and chip-free.
  • Longer panels up to 3600mm long are possible.
  • Fire Group 1 and FSC® Certified timber are both readily available on short leadtimes.

Supacoustic PLK panel lining kits are the simplest way to purchase Supafinish Hoop Pine panels. However, this superior finish can be also supplied on all Supawood’s decorative and/or acoustic architectural lining panel products.

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Lead times are short and reliable resulting in lower project costs. Panel sizes are possible in lengths of 2400, 3000 and 3600mm which can substantially reduce wastage. As the substrate is inherently flat there is no risk of warping so fixing at 600mm centres is possible saving yet more time and cost. Quick to install with Supawood’s own concealed fixing systems they are suitable for walls and ceilings in either custom or modular options and can be supplied in either PEFC or FSC® certified options.

Supafinish Hoop Pine concept veneer features a non-yellowing “blond” Hoop Pine look-a-like finish. Unlike plywood, both the colour and the grain affect of Supafinish Hoop Pine is consistently blemish free presenting a truly superior look. Supafinish Hoop Pine is bonded to the panel without solvent, resulting in a non-toxic environmentally friendly panel product that has no VOC emissions. It can be supplied with a seamless edge, plus… pre-finished means no on-site painting.

Supafinish Hoop Pine is impact resistant and harder than plywood allowing for chip free cutting and cleaner holes and slots. This finish is also fire resistant and available in a green option.

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