Wall Panel Fixing

Decorative Wall Panels for the Interiors

Modern systems give you the power to reinvent the appearance and theme of the interiors with decorative wall panels. Enhancing the aesthetic value of a property is easy when you seamlessly install timber panelling onto interior walls. Precisely designed and offered in a large selection of shapes and sizes, Supawood’s decorative wall panels are the perfect feature in modern design.

Just some of the interior timber wall panels we offer are:

  • Supacoustic - a decorative acoustic panelling with lab-certified test results.
  • MIMIC - a seamless panelling system that can mimic any natural finish.
  • MAXI BEAM - a lightweight timber beam that can be used for walls and ceilings.
  • WAVE Blades - wooden blades that allow the creation of sculpted or contoured walls.

Experts in the Wall Panel Market

At Supawood, we have an extensive range of timber panelling for interior walls. There are standard design options that make our wall panels easy to integrate into your design project. You can also opt for customisation work to achieve a suitable wall panel system that meets your stringent requirements.

With our decorative wall panels, you don’t need to worry about loose or dangling parts. We make sure our panels conceal all fixing and service components, revealing only a stunning timber façade. For ease of access in the event of an accidental damage, each panel is removable and replaceable. Feel free to approach us once your panels require maintenance.

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