Architectural Interior & Exterior Linings:
The Importance Of Certified Compliance & Regulatory Test Methods

Thank you all for participating in our recent webinar, discussing the importance of certified compliance. Also a very not of appreciation to our expert speaker panel: Patrick Motteram, Lewis Dunlop, Tone Wheeler and Osborn Fong while ably hosted by Supawood's own Richard Hardwick.

This was an excellent webinar, dynamic and informative around four vital areas of compliance for architectural linings systems: Fire, Acoustic, Seismic and Sustainability. A special thanks to our guest speakers.

You can view the Certified Compliance Webinar here, with the Whitepaper available for download.

Find out more about Certified Compliance with our recent Webinar - Download the Whitepaper now.


Richard Hardwick

SUPAWOOD Introduction

Patrick Motteram

Fire Compliance

Lewis Dunlop

Seismic Compliance

Tone Wheeler

Sustainability Compliance

Osborn Fong

Acoustic Compliance


Find out more about Certified Compliance with our recent Webinar- download the informative Whitepaper now.

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Richard Hardwick - National Specification Manager

Richard Hardwick

National Specification Manager


Richard Hardwick is the National Specification Manager with SUPAWOOD and has worked in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) markets on a national and international basis for over 30 years in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

His extensive practical experience includes site-based project management and provision of training to architects, contractors and sub-contractor engineers and trades in both Compliance and Application process. Richard is well known within the Design Community for providing sound advice on NCC clauses that affect the selection and specification of architectural linings as well as acoustic considerations and environmental requirements, including Green Star.

Patrick M

Patrick Motteram

Technical specialist – Fire testing


Contact details

Email: [email protected]  

Mobile: +61 (0) 428 780 564

Patrick Motteram is a technical specialist as part of Warringtonfire's fire testing, technical assessment and certification sales and marketing team. Patrick is based in Melbourne and the fire assessment team in Australia. He is involved in all stages of the sales process from initial enquiry to acceptance of fee proposal and providing in-house technical support and expert advice.

Patrick has more than 30 years of experience in commercial testing operations with almost 10 years in fire testing. This includes providing technical services to clients in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, industrial hydraulics, oil and gas, electrical and electronic products, and instruments used in neurosurgery.

Patrick has a strong focus on developing longterm relationships with clients and managing their experience at all stages of a project. He champions the importance of working across disciplines within the Warringtonfire organisation to provide a high quality engineering solution to what are often very complex testing projects.

Key project experience

Fire resistance and reaction to fire testing

  • Streamlined workflow processes in testing and service provision
  • Development of health and safety operating procedures
  • Introduced AS ISO 9705 room burn testing at Warringtonfire
  • Introduced AS 5007 cyclic pedestrian door testing at Warringtonfire
  • Championed the installation of a new full scale combination horizontal and vertical fire resistance test furnace whilst maintain full capacity of the existing laboratory
  • Developed full scale test methods which have now become the basis of AS 1530.8.1 for construction in bushfire prone areas.


  • (Chemical) – Monash University, Clayton VIC
  • Cert. Business management – Monash University, Caulfield VIC
Lewis Dunlop Profile (2)

Lewis Dunlop

(Seismic Compliance)
Head of Client Solutions

Lewis Dunlop is energic and passionate player in the construction industry, delivering design solutions to contractors, builders, architects and more. Nashco is a manufacturer of light weight steel framing solutions, and a lot of the interesting designs Lewis has been involved in are feature ceilings, walls and other more architectural concepts.

Nashco are committed to assisting industry change, in a honest, upright and collaborative way. As a result in the past few years as seismic compliance has become increasingly in the spotlight, Lewis and the team have work on a number of projects to try new ways to frame accordance with the seismic compliance requirements.

Lewis himself is passionate about change and doing things better, from the time he joined the business he has developed different areas of the business and spent the last 4 years leading the design team delivering some flagship projects such as; the recent extension of the Canberra Grammar School, Gungahlin DHA, Civic Quarter, ANU Projects, Wilinga Park, numerous apartment complex's and many other projects.

tone B+W image

Tone Wheeler

Principal and Director, Environa Studio President, Australian Architecture Association

Tone Wheeler is an architect, academic and author who designs to the triple bottom line: social, environmental, and financial considerations. His focus is on sustainability and affordability in multi-dwelling and community projects. He has won the AIA ‘Milo Dunphy Sustainability Award’, the AIA ‘Leadership in Sustainability Prize’ and the ‘Sustainability Awards Lifetime Achievement’.

Tone has been academic at four universities, currently Adjunct Professor at UNSW, and is the President of the Australian Architecture Association. He is frequently in the media as a writer for Architecture & Design magazine, and commentator on ABC radio and TV. He has built 5 all-electric cars.

Osborn Fong Photo 800x800px

Osborn Fong

Senior Acoustic Engineer

Osborn Fong is a senior acoustic engineer at Acoustic Directions and has worked on some of Australia and New Zealand’s major infrastructure and award-winning architecture projects. He holds a Master of Architectural Science from the University of Sydney, specialising in Audio and Acoustics. His background in electrical and electronics engineering, signal processing and music performance provides him with a holistic understanding of acoustics and electroacoustics.

As a member of the Australian Acoustical Society and the Audio Engineering Society, Osborn is kept current with the latest research and developments in these fields. It is the combination of his unique skill set and his dedication to understanding the many facets of sound which enables Osborn to develop innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions for his clients at Acoustic Directions.

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