Waffle Blades


Waffle Blades is the new cost-effective ceiling system that allows you to easily design striking geometric effects. Exciting and on-trend, Waffle Blades opens an incredible array of design possibilities without compromising services, access or your budget. Ideal applications include retail, hospitality, commercial and office interiors.

From dazzling cross, saltire and box patterns to complex multi-point starbursts, if you can imagine it, it’s possible with Waffle Blades.

Watch our demo video to find out how WAFFLE BLADES work >>>
Waffle Blades in a shopping mall

Key Features

Blades can be criss-crossed and angled in a myriad of ways

Use in an open grid or enclose the back with solid or acoustic panels

Insert diagonal or perpendicular crosspieces

Standard and custom sizes

Matching or contrasting finishes

Access options


Shaped blade ceilings, walls and screens

Waffle Blades install detail

Waffle Blades install steps 1, 2, 3

Interlocking Blades assembled in 3 easy steps.


Fully assembled 
with diagonals

Waffle Blade locking clips

Suspension clip

Striking Geometric Effects that create depth to any interior

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