The Experts in Premium Acoustic Lining Systems for Performing Arts Centres, Gyms, Halls & Public Spaces

For over 20 years, SUPAWOOD has been an integral part of the most advanced and spectacular performing arts and auditorium projects across Australia, including The Glasshouse, Mont Sant’ Angelo Mercy College Theatre, Knox Grammar School Performing Arts Centre, as well as gymnasiums and other sound-sensitive projects like Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School Gymnasium & Events Centre.

Working in collaboration with the Architects and Acoustic Engineers, SUPAWOOD develops beautiful and acoustically compliant ranges of absorptive linings that bring timeless beauty and optimal acoustics through Reflective, Diffusive and Absorptive paneling design & placement. SUPAWOOD products provide reflective and diffusive solutions, and SUPAWOOD can also produce custom diffusive panels either through angled solid panels, curved panels or perforated panels with a solid backing.

For a video replay and access to the whitepaper from our recent compliance webinar featuring the importance of acoustics in the interior space, click below.

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See your project vision come to life!

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We understand room acoustics and reverberation control

“Don't compromise your design aesthetic because of acoustic needs. There is a solution for you.”

SUPAWOOD have high end architectural linings for reverberation control and optimal acoustics.

Our Summary of Acoustic Options provides you with all the information you need about our acoustic products and options. This includes full NATA certified test results, scattering coefficients and other technical documentation, all designed to help you make the right choice for your next project.

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