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SUPATILE 3D is the new, fully customisable 3D ceiling tile system. The 3D drop ceiling tiles vastly expand your design options while simplifying installation and eliminating the potential for cost over-runs. Whether it’s a geometric feature ceiling, to create a zen atmosphere, or to mark out different zones in a space, the SUPATILE 3D ceiling panel range is a fantastic solution,

Practical and cost-effective, SUPATILE 3D ceiling tiles fit into the standard (or existing) grid, provide full access to the ceiling cavity, and can be supplied to projects for under $300/m2. This level of adaptability makes the 3D drop ceiling tiles a great choice not only in initial designs but for refits too.

SUPATILE 3D ceiling panels combine effortlessly with other ceiling tile products such as Supatile Slat and Supatile DIT, enabling an enormous range of visual effects. Create your custom combination, with an extensive range of SUPAWOOD finishes to not only achieve your desired aesthetic but a 3D ceiling that is built to last. Watch our overview video below.


Ceiling tiles that add sophistication to any home or office.

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Product Features

SUPATILE 3D at a glance:

  • Eye-catching
  • Versatile
  • Customisable
  • Practical
  • Cost-effective


Choose from a range of finishes:

  • SUPAFINISH – For a sleek and consistent finish on all acoustic ceiling and wall panels.
  • SUPAVENEER – For natural timber veneers selected and finished to deliver wood acoustic panels with finesse.
  • SUPACOLOUR – For a highly durable colour and metallic finish to your acoustic panels.
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