Fresh Hope Communities, Martin Close, East Maitland

Calderflower Architects' Latest Aged Care Project Embraces Biophilic Design

Award-winning architecture firm, Calderflower Architects & Interiors, has showcased their expertise in creating innovative and harmonious living spaces with the recent completion of the Fresh Hope Communities facility in East Maitland, NSW. The Green Hills Residential Care Service is the latest home to be opened by Fresh Hope Communities and features timber ceilings that provide a warm and welcoming effect. This is just one way that Calderflower and other architects are using biophilic design principles to improve the environment within aged care facilities.

The use of timber and other natural materials in the design of aged care homes is a transition away from the traditionally sterile and institutional environments of previous homes. Today's homes are looking to promote a sense of peace and well-being and natural materials such as wood can help achieve this. For example, wood has a known calming effect that is thought to reduce stress and therefore contribute positively to better healthcare outcomes.

Photographer: Ryan Linnegar
Photographer: Ryan Linnegar


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Biophilic design has already had a positive impact on various applications such as workplaces and schools. Aged care facilities are now seeing the benefits of implementing biophilic design options as these homes are places where residents often spend a substantial part of their lives. Therefore, creating an environment that promotes physical and psychological well-being is paramount. Biophilic design offers a useful framework in order to achieve this.

SUPAWOOD's SUPACOUSTIC Groove product was chosen by Calderflower to provide the warm and welcoming effect at Fresh Hope Care. The team chose Tasmanian Oak SUPAFINISH on the ceilings throughout the main reception, ground floor, lounge areas and respite zones.

Matthew Reid, Senior Interior Designer at Calderflower Interiors commented on his experience working with SUPAWOOD and our products, "The finished project looks wonderful. I would highly recommend SUPAWOOD for their customer service."

SUPACOUSTIC Groove is a popular choice for architects and designers as it provides a high level of versatility and design freedom. This adaptability includes the ease of matching SUPACOUSTIC to other timber materials that may be used on a particular project.

Photographer: Ryan Linnegar

Photographer: Ryan Linnegar

Photographer: Ryan Linnegar

Project: Fresh Hope Care

Address: 7 Martin Close, East Maitland


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