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Timber beams lend long-lasting, natural beauty to various architectural styles. A problem with solid beams, however, is that their weight demands specially engineered structural support. But there’s a way around that. MAXI BEAM lightweight timber beams system achieves the elegance of natural wood without the challenges of working with solid timber.

If your project is on an extra-large scale, then MAXI BEAM might be just the product you have been looking for. Our ceiling beams offer an extensive range of sizes and shapes, designed to suit your requirements.

The beams are available in 50mm wide slats in standard depths of 147mm, 197mm or 297mm as well as in custom sizes. Shaped, curved and twisted timber beams are also available at Supawood. The MAXI BEAM range is easy to install and work with.

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MAXI BEAM - What is it?

Better than Ordinary Timber Beams

If you’re looking for ceiling beams that do not warp, are easy to install and are acoustically diffusive, MAXI BEAM is a great choice.

MAXI BEAM has a honeycomb core that makes it extremely rigid and resistant to impact. Its ability to diffuse sound significantly improves a room’s acoustics. Since it is lightweight and designed to have fixing cleats, MAXI BEAM requires minimal framing and can be affixed easily.

Applications include feature beam ceilings, screens and acoustic ceilings that will absorb up to 85% of incident sound.

Our timber beams are all resistant to fire hazards.


You can use MAXI BEAMS in retail and commercial spaces as well as residential developments to define a space, create intimacy and interest, lead the eyes to certain directions and more.

Find new inspiration and explore ideas illustrating how maxi beams can be used as an adaptable architectural tool to create endless exciting features.

Included in this document are more than 30 unique examples showing you how other designers have successfully utilised lightweight decorative beams in a diverse range of project applications.

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