Are SUPAWOOD Acoustic Panels Acoustically Certified?

The short answer is, absolutely!

At SUPAWOOD, we design and manufacture industry-leading, high-functioning acoustic wall and ceiling panels that combine beautiful form and high function, which have been used in many notable architectural projects across Australia.

Of particular interest, SUPACOUSTIC is our lab-certified acoustic panel system with certified acoustic test results - ascertaining compliance and world-class performance with precision and cutting-edge technological development.

This decorative acoustic panel range not only transforms the acoustic performance, comfort and reverberation patterns of any space but serves as a stunning design feature - and is, more often than not, the centre of attention.

SUPACOUSTIC functions as a high-performing acoustic panel for both wall and ceiling applications  which is adaptable to just about any interior environment, from shopping centres to lecture theatres, art centres, gyms, public domains, sports halls to offices and atriums to restaurants.

SUPACOUSTIC timber acoustic wall panels and acoustic ceiling tiles provide reflective and diffusive solutions, and SUPAWOOD can also produce custom diffusive Supacoustic panels either through angled solid panels, curved panels or perforated panels with a solid backing.

Being a fully customisable range, we help designers achieve the acoustic requirements of a space whilst still nailing the design brief.

We’ll work with you to discover the best decorative sound absorption panels to meet your needs when it comes to acoustic performance, aesthetics, practicality, durability, and budget.

Regardless of which style and finish you go for, you can feel safe knowing that our acoustic panels are of the highest quality.

The SUPACOUSTIC panel range is lab accredited for its acoustic performance, built from certified Green Star materials, and has a full 7-year performance warranty.

GPAC - Timber Acoustic Panel

Glasshouse Christian College Performing Arts Centre, Beerwah QLD


For over 20 years, SUPAWOOD has been an integral part of the most advanced and spectacular performing arts and auditorium projects across Australia, including The Glasshouse, Mont Sant’ Angelo Mercy College Theatre, Knox Grammar School Performing Arts Centre, as well as gymnasiums and other sound-sensitive projects like Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School Gymnasium & Events Centre.

Working in collaboration with Architects and Acoustic Engineers, SUPAWOOD develops beautiful and acoustically compliant ranges of absorptive linings that bring timeless beauty and optimal acoustics through Reflective, Diffusive and Absorptive panelling design & placement.

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