One of SUPAWOODs largest WAFFLE projects to date! Complimented by the SUPASLAT in the matching SUPAFINISH concept veneer.

One of SUPAWOODs largest WAFFLE projects to date! Complimented by the SUPASLAT in the matching SUPAFINISH concept veneer.

Hyphen- Wodonga Library Gallery, Wodonga VIC

Posted By: Colin Beattie   2nd, March 2022

The new Hyphen - Wodonga Library Gallery space acts as a cultural hub of the city, and exciting state-of-the-art addition to the Wodonga city area.

Situated on the corner of Lawrence and Hovel Street, the new library project is a great example of how SUPAWOOD is supporting communities – particularly in regional areas – in making inspiring spaces easy.

SUPAWOOD collaborate with architects and designers who have creative challenges. Hyphen - Wodonga Library Gallery was no exception, with our qualified engineering and CAD team guiding the architect – JWP Architects – through the process, providing shop drawings and helping them to achieve a suitable solution for the space.

This project is one of the largest WAFFLE blade projects SUPAWOOD has created, and it houses over one kilometer of blades, and over 150m2 of SUPASLAT – both finished in the SUPAFINISH Blackbutt concept veneer.


See your project vision come to life!

All SUPAWOOD panels and linings provided for the project, not only accommodated access hatches and services for the building but were also custom shaped to fit the space. The SUPAWOOD products also featured our fire retardant MDF substrate, in order to meet the fire regulations and standards for the space, being a public building.

SUPAWOOD Fire Retardant (FR) panels continue to meet all requirements for Fire Group 1, 2 and 3 for any interior area within any class of building. This is despite more stringent BCA fire-hazard regulations continually being introduced.

In keeping up with the newest regulations and requirements in the industry – whether they be fire, acoustic, or sustainability-related - SUPAWOOD are able to set the minds of the designers at ease, giving them confidence that the products they specify are compliant.


If you’re in the area, pop into Hyphen and check out its several galleries, full library service, workshops and meeting rooms. Witness the effects of the stunning new interior linings on the space, and how the harmonious blend of SUPAWOOD products contribute to the final, premium completed library space.


Project: Hyphen - Wodonga Library Gallery, Wodonga VIC

Address: Corner of Lawrence and Hovell Street, Wodonga VIC

Products: SUPASLAT Profile 1 finished in Blackbutt SUPAFINISH. SUPASLAT product was custom shaped and accommodated access hatches.

WAFFLE blades finished in Blackbutt SUPAFINISH.

All SUPAWOOD products supplied were created with fire retardant MDF substrate.

For more information about SUPASLAT go here >>>

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Finishes: All products supplied were matched in the SUPAFINISH Blackbutt finish. For more information about our finishes go here >>>

Architect: JWP Architects

Builder: Zauner Construction

Installer: 23 Carpentry

Photography: Courtesy of Wodonga Council


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