Striking aluminium woodgrain finished beams on building exterior

109a Wigram Street, Harris Park NSW

Striking aluminium woodgrain finished beams on building exterior

Posted By: Colin Beattie   13th, October 2021

ALUCLICK aluminium beams in a textured woodgrain finish create screens and an aesthetic decoration on the exterior of 109a Wigram Street in Harris Park NSW.

The design brief called for a fusion of materials including woodgrain beams to compliment the aesthetics of the brick façade. These beams would also form privacy screens on windows and other areas. Natural timber was not a practical choice as it would not be robust enough to withstand exposure to elements such as moisture and wind. Therefore, an alternative timber look product was sought.

SUPAWOOD’s advice was sought and they suggested AULUCLICK aluminium beams in a textured woodgrain finish secured with custom made fixings would achieve the look the designers were after.

The building is used for retail at street level with boutique flexible rental apartments above and a roof garden. Above the main entrance and running up through the height of the building is an open breezeway. To enclose the street side of this and to provide privacy to the walkways on each level, long spans of ALUCLICK aluminium beams have been installed to form open screens providing airflow into the building.


The beams on the breezeway run from the first floor up almost the full height of the building and end in a return over the top of the breezeway. Where the beams meet for this return, they have been precisely mitred precisely to form a perfect join.

More beams have also been applied over sections of the windows of the apartments to provide partial privacy. The beams used for these screens are 100 x 50mm in the same finish as the breezeway. In both locations the 50mm edge of the beams faces out.

Other beams have been use to break up the expanse of the building and add aesthetic appeal to the exterior. Towards the top of the building 100 x 50mm beams are used in a decorative manner and to continue the vertical lines formed by the window and breezeway screens.

The corner of the building is softened by a curve. Here to continue the theme created by the beams and to soften the curve, on the top 4 floors 150 x 50 beams have been used. There is a further screen of 150 x 50 beams to screen an area on the roof garden. All beams used are in a SUPAMETAL American Oak textured woodgrain external finish.

For this project SUPAWOOD provided advice, specification support and engineering certification. Custom fixings were designed and provided to ensure wind loading and adequate span support was guaranteed. By choosing ALUCLICK aluminium beams budget restraints and lead times were also successfully met.

Project: 109a Wigram St - new build.

Address: 109a Wigram St, Harris Park NSW

Products/Finishes: ALUCLICK aluminium beams in SUPAMETAL American Oak textured woodgrain external finish.

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Architect:  CDA Architects

Builder/Installer:  Hiban Group

Photos: Courtesy of Hiban Group

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