WAVE BLADES Backed With SUPACOUSTIC Acoustic Panels Form BCA Compliant Feature Ceiling in School Entry

WAVE BLADES Backed With SUPACOUSTIC Acoustic Panels Form BCA Compliant Feature Ceiling in School Entry

50 William Street, Perth WA,

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018

Acoustic and fire retardant timber wave blade ceiling

The total refurbishment of 50 William St in Perth’s CBD was a project that demanded a dynamic timber ceiling feature to enhance the building’s entry area, but creating this in a fire retardant material and solving noise reverberation presented a possible budget blow out.

The designers, Cameron Chisholm & Nicol, came up with a unique concept for the ceiling which involved the use of contoured wooden blades. This effect would create a very different but contemporary atmosphere to the entry area, however their initial wooden blade concept proved to be outside their client’s budget.

Known for their ability to value engineer their existing products and customizing to suit, Supawood proposed subtle changes to the concept to reduce cost without compromising the design intent.



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SUPAWOOD were able to design and supply a complete package which included both the blades and acoustic backing in fire resistant material. They also recommended an installer, taking the entire hassle off the builder’s shoulders. SUPAWOOD modified one of their existing fixing systems which meant the builder and installer did not need to re-invent the wheel.

The effect created was so successful that SUPAWOOD has now launched this system as WAVE BLADES, a creative new and economical means of achieving sculptured blade lining effects. In this project American Oak Veneer on FR MDF along with SUPAFINISH Black acoustic perforated backing panels has been used. There are endless possible finishes and options available all backed by SUPAWOOD’s expert Design and Construct service.

This building is now the St George's Anglican Grammar School, Western Australia’s first high rise city school campus. The WAVE BLADES feature has created an attractive contemporary reception and lift lobby area for a very modern and student friendly school.

Project: Foyer and lift lobby refurbishment

Address: 50 William St, Perth WA

Products/Finishes: WAVE BLADES in American Oak Veneer on a fire retardant MDF substrate backed with SUPACOUSTIC perforated acoustic panels in SUPAFINISH black.

Architect: Cameron Chisholm & Nicol (WA)

Builder: Buckingham Redevelopment Company

Photos: David Broardway Photography


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