Matched panel products used across different application needs

Matched panel products used across different application needs

ANZ House, 15 Moore St, Canberra ACT

Posted By: Colin Beattie   29th, September 2021

Perfectly matched SUPAWOOD timber panels have been applied in the transformation of the portico, logia and foyer at ANZ House, 15 Moore Street in Canberra ACT.


The building has undergone many transformations since it was built in the 1980's and in 2007 it was upgraded to achieve 4.5 NABERS ratings. This meant the builders, Shape Australia, needed to make sure all materials they used in the new refurbishment would comply and not jeopardise this importing rating.

The design brief called for the introduction of soft timber tones to flow through from the exterior portico into the foyer, the aim to create a welcoming warmth to the entrance, Noise reverberation also needed to be addressed in the foyer. All this meant finding suitable linings for inside and out which could be matched perfectly so the flow could be achieved but these also needed to comply with strict BCA regulations and NABERS sustainability requirements.


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Having worked with SUPAWOOD in the past, Robert Thorne Architecture approached us to help specify products which could be matched in suitable finishes but could be applied to meet the environmental requirements of the different areas of the project while maintaining a required budget.

The ceiling under the exterior portico and logia areas required a lining which was able to resist moisture and temperature extremes.  Wet-sealed SUPALINE decorative panels were recommended as they are highly durable, low-maintenance plus could be finished to match the interior panels perfectly. This would help to achieve the desired flow through into the interior foyer. These panels have been finished in SUPAVENEER Blackbutt Natural Timber Veneer and wet-sealed on all surfaces including edges.

The Blackbutt ceiling panels continue through the double height glazing into the foyer where they become slotted SUPACOUSTIC panels, the use of the acoustic option here addresses noise echo in the high open space. These acoustic panels are finished in a low maintenance SUPAFINISH Blackbutt laminate. This was a more economical option for the interior than the natural timber veneer but still matches the perfectly.


On entry into the foyer, you are also welcomed by double height feature timber walls lined with SUPALINE decorative panels. These are finished in SUPAVENEER Blackbutt Natural Timber Veneer as per the exterior panels but have been edged with matching SUPAFINISH laminate to give the edges extra durability.

Black shadow lines have been used to highlight the panels throughout on both the ceiling and walls. All panels used in this project are Fire Group 2 rated and have zero VOC.  The panels were also supplied cut to size and shaped as needed for easy installation with concealed fixings.

This project is a perfect example how SUPAWOOD can work with you and within your budget restraint to perfectly match product across different application needs within the same project to achieve unity throughout.

Project:  ANZ House portico, logia and foyer refurbishment

Address:  15 Moore Street, Canberra ACT

Architects: Robert Thorne Architecture

Builder: SHAPE Australia

Installers: Parliament Constructions and BAL Construction Group

Client: MGJ Contractors

Photography: Courtesy of SHAPE Australia



Portico and logia exterior ceiling – SUPALINE in SUPAVENEER Blackbutt natural timber veneer wet-sealed on all surfaces.

Foyer ceiling – SUPACOUSTIC in SS51 slotted acoustic panels in SUPAFINISH Blackbutt laminate.

Foyer walls – SUPALINE in SUPAVENEER Blackbutt natural timber veneer with matching SUPAFINISH Blackbutt laminate edges.

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