SUPACOUSTIC Panel Lining Kits a Cost-effective Acoustic Solutions for Presentation Space

SUPACOUSTIC Panel Lining Kits a Cost-effective Acoustic Solutions for Presentation Space

Banyule Nillumbik Tech School, Melbourne Polytech, VIC

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   31st, July 2019

Tectura Architects’ school design features decorative FR acoustic panels

SUPACOUSTIC PLK Fixing broad area acoustic panel lining kits have been used on both the ceiling and walls of the Presentation Space at the Banyule Nillumbik Tech School at the Melbourne Polytechnic Greensborough Campus in VIC.

Tectura Architects were given a brief to create an innovative space inspired by the building’s bush surroundings, a space that would nurture collaborative learning. To reflect the natural outdoor environment, a broad use of timber finishes was chosen for all surfaces. With multiple timber surfaces, it was also important to specify fire retardant and acoustic linings.

The Presentation space is designed with informal learning in mind, and most of the timber floor has been stepped to form integrated seating. However, this presented an unwanted noise factor. To control echo from the floor, the ceiling has been lined with PLK slotted acoustic panels and the walls with a mix of PLK slotted and smooth.

Banyule Nillumbik Tech School presentation space - Supacoustic panels

SUPACOUSTIC PLK Fixing is supplied prefinished as a complete panel lining kit which is quick and easy to direct fix over broad areas. It is therefore a very cost-effective acoustic lining. The panels have been also integrated with strip LED lighting plus blended in between windows and other features.

The panels have a FR rated MDF substrate and have been finished in a SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine laminate. This finish is an ideal choice for a high traffic area as it is very durable and also low VOC. Additionally, this product/finish combination has a much more consistent grain appearance and match as well as longevity compared to plywood.

Although not supplied by SUPAWOOD, this space also features multicoloured acoustic noodles in the centre of the ceiling. This is something that SUPAWOOD can supply if you require a similar look in your project.

This project shows how SUPACOUSTIC PLK Fixing is a durable, cost-effective and aesthetic timber lining that is fire retardant and achieves optimal acoustics within a space.

Acoustic Note:
“Good speech intelligibility should be achieved in areas where verbal communication is required. One of the major contributors is controlling the reverberation time. This can be achieved through the use of SUPAWOOD acoustic panels when specified in accordance to the results of acoustical calculations.”
Michael Phillips, Acoustic Consultant, SUPAWOOD.

What the client said...
"It looks fantastic! I’m very pleased you were able to feature this project and thank you for all your efforts in helping the vision come to life." Melika Grigg-Baycan - Associate (ARBV, M.Arch, B.Envs), Tectura Architects.

Project: Banyule Nillumbik Tech School – new build

Address: Melbourne Polytechnic Greensborough Campus, 61 Civic Dr, Greensborough VIC

Product/Finish:  SUPACOUSTIC PLK Fixing slotted acoustic and smooth panels in a fire retardant options finished in SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine laminate. For more information about PLK go here >>>
For more information about our Finishes go here >>>

Architect:  Tectura Architects

Builder:  CICG (Commercial Industrial Construction Group)

Installer:  Surround Ceilings Pty Ltd

Photography:  Chris Matterson

Banyule Nillumbik Tech School presentation space - Supacoustic panels

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