SUPACOUSTIC PLK panel lining kits present acoustic solution for hospital lounge

SUPACOUSTIC PLK panel lining kits present acoustic solution for hospital lounge

Canberra Hospital Adult Mental Health, Canberra

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018

Canberra Hospital Mental Health lounge made welcoming with a warm timber ceiling

The Adult Mental Health Unit at Canberra Hospital, Act, presented PTW, the designers, with a challenge to create an environment which would offer a therapeutic, secure setting for consumers. With this understanding, PTW recognized that a careful choice of interior materials would be a must.

A design was created with an entry that flowed into an open lounge area, gently wrapped overhead with an undulating wood ceiling. This type of design would avoid intrusive sharp edges and convey a calming atmosphere. However, the design presented the challenge of finding a lining product that would be sound absorbing, durable and consistent in finish, could be curved but stay within a tight budget.

SUPACOUSTIC PLK panel lining kits presented the ideal solution.


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PLK is a pre-finished acoustic lining system specifically designed to address noise issues and cover broad areas cost effectively. PLK is easily curved onsite, making the installation process straight forward and hassle free.

PLK presented the designers with a diverse combination of innovative acoustic patterns and durable concept veneer finishes to select from.

The final choice was Supafinish Hoop Pine in the Breeze acoustic pattern as the circular holes of this pattern has a soothing effect on the eyes. The panels were supplied with custom boarders to make onsite cutting easy.

The end result was an inviting and friendly environment, dominated by the warmth of the wood overhead. Natural light further enhanced the evenness of the finish on the ceiling and additional artificial lighting was integrated into the panels. The whole design achieved an ambient interior which helps consumers feel comfortable and relaxed.

Project: Adult Mental Health Unit

Address: Building 25, Canberra Hospital, ACT

Product: SUPACOUSTIC PLK Breeze acoustic pattern

Finish: SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine

Architect: PTW Architects

Builder: Iqon Pty Ltd

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