Mood is set in commercial lobby with mixed linings in a matched textured timber finish

Mood is set in commercial lobby with mixed linings in a matched textured timber finish

Constitution Place Government Offices, Canberra ACT

Posted By: Colin Beattie   8th, February 2022

A masterful application of matched SUPAWOOD lining products make sets a bold mood in the expansive ground floor atrium lobby of Constitution Place at 22 London Circuit, Canberra ACT. Constitution Place is a duel-building complex centrally located in the city which includes commercial, hotel, dining and retail as well as the new headquarters for several ACT Government departments.

The designers, Bates Smart, wanted to combine solid panels, beams and slats together in a matched timber finish, but solid timber would have blown the budget plus cause many other problems. They therefore looked for alternative products that would mimic timber which would be efficient to install while also meeting BCA and green requirements to achieve a high rating for the building.

After consultation with SUPAWOOD, a durable textured timber laminate was selected and then applied to all products for a perfect match. The result has achieved the illusion and feel of solid timber.

The linings have been used to define zones in the vast area by combining solid walls of SUPALINE panels with open screens of MAXI BEAM. These compliment the curved glazed lifts and superbly engineered corkscrew staircase which travel into the light filled atrium above.


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MAXI BEAM lightweight beams have been applied over the SUPALINE panels to achieve dimension to the flat walls and also form screens where there are openings in the walls. The SUPALINE panels where back grooved for onsite curving and supplied to the required shapes.

In the centre of the space the area of an enclosed lounge has been defining by using open MAXI BEAM screens. The walls and screens flow up the height of 2 floors into the atrium. In other areas SUPASLAT in a custom 33 x 100mm profile and a matching finish has been applied to circular ceilings within the defined MAXI BEAM screens.

To overcome logistic problems onsite and to ensure an easy install, all products were delivered pre-finished and cut to size plus packed and labelled as referenced in accompanying detailed shop drawings. SUPAWOOD worked with all stakeholders closely by preparing detailed shop drawings and overseeing the installation. This also promoted a great working relationship between the builder and installers to ensure all when to plan while still meeting the required tight lead times.


This project shows the versatility of SUPAWOOD lining products, how they can be combined and matched perfectly to achieve the desired design and application outcomes.

Constitution Pace has now been classed as a gold-rated WELLs and 5-star NABERS energy-rated precinct and has set a new standard for all future development in the city of Canberra.


Project: Constitution Place Government Offices – lobby

Address: 220 London Circuit, Canberra ACT

Products: Outer lobby walls and screens- Custom shaped SUPALINE Panels back grooved for onsite curving with MAXI BEAM applied over the SUPALINE. The beams continue over open space to form screens.

Inner lobby screens – MAXI BEAM in 2 sizes 95 x 50 and 145 x 50 supplied cut to size ready to install.

Ceilings - SUPASLAT in custom profile 33 x 100mm supplied cut to size ready to install (not shown in photos).

For more information about SUPALINE go here>>>

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Finishes: All products supplied where matched with a finish of SUPASURFACE R-Series Wenge textured laminate. For more information about our finishes go here>>>

Architect: Bates Smart

Builder: Construction Control

Installer: ACT Interiors

Photography: Peter Clarke Photography


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